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Add file Zeliria Sanctuary (android) Location Games: Zeliria Sanctuary: Files. Filename ZeliriaSanctuaryendemo-0.81-release.apk. Artbook - Angel Sanctuary (2) Artbook - Angel Sanctuary - Angel Cage (24) Artbook - Animage Noir Special (2) ArtBook - Argento Soma (2) Artbook - Artificial Angel (2) Artbook - Assault Armoroid Angelio (1) Artbook - Ayashi no Ceres (2) Artbook - Battle Royale Portfollio (1) Artbook - Benigyoku 4th (1) Artbook - Boogiepop Phantom (2).

Zeliria Sanctuary - Ost + Artbook Download Full

Original Soundtracks
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Silent Hill 2
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Silent Hill 4: The Room
Silent Hill: Origins
Silent Hill: Homecoming
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Silent Hill: Downpour
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Silent Hill
Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 3
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Silent Hill: Origins
Silent Hill: Homecoming
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Silent Hill: Downpour
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Akira Yamaoka ‎– Silent Hill Sounds Box

Label: Konami – GFCA243-251
Format: 8 × CD, DVD, Box Set
Country: Japan
Release date: 2011.03.16

scans by Gorch

Silent Hill Sound Box is a complete collection of Silent Hill game soundtracks featuring 8 CDs, a DVD with trailers as well as an artbook. 7 of the audio discs included are soundtracks of all main Silent Hill games starting with Silent Hill and finishing with the latest Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. The last CD includes unreleased music from Silent Hill: The Arcade and various demos.

Silent Hill Sounds Box 1 [Silent Hill]

This release omits the Esperándote song by Rika Muranaka from the original release of the soundtrack.

01Silent Hill2:51
03The Wait0:09
04Until Death0:51
06Devil's Lyric1:27
07Rising Sun0:57
08For All2:40
09Follow The Leader0:52
10Claw Finger1:32
11Hear Nothing1:33
12Children Kill0:19
13Killed By Death1:25
14Don't Cry1:29
15The Bitter Season1:26
17Never Again0:45
18Fear Of The Dark1:13
19Half Day0:39
20Heaven Give Me Say1:48
22I'll Kill You2:52
23My Justice For You1:21
24Devil's Lyric 20:25
25Dead End0:17
26Ain't Gonna Rain1:12
27Nothing Else0:51
29Never Again1:01
31Never End, Never End, Never End0:46
32Down Time1:38
33Kill Angels1:17
34Only You1:16
35Not Tomorrow 10:48
36Not Tomorrow 21:38
37My Heaven3:17
38Tears Of..3:16
39Killing Time2:54
41Silent Hill (Otherside)6:23

Silent Hill Sounds Box 2 [Silent Hill 2]

01 Theme of Laura3:24
02White Noiz1:24
04A World Of Madness1:47
05Ordinary Vanity1:39
06Promise (Reprise)1:45
07Ashes And Ghost3:08
08Null Moon2:50
09Heaven's Night2:04
10Alone In The Town2:19
11The Darkness That Lurks In Our Mind1:16
12Angel's Thanatos3:18
13The Day Of Night1:37
14Block Mind1:12
16Fermata In Mistic Air2:16
17Prisonic Fairytale1:55
18Love Psalm4:26
19Silent Heaven2:13
20Noone Love You1:32
21The Reverse Will3:33
22Laura Plays The Piano1:55
23Terror In The Depths Of The Fog4:31
26Black Fairy1:12
27Theme Of Laura (Reprise)1:51
28Overdose Delusion4:31
29Pianissimo Epilogue1:37

Silent Hill Sounds Box 3 [Silent Hill 3]

Identical to the original Japanese release of the soundtrack with a bonus track Rain of Brass Petals - Three Voices Edit.

01Lost Carol0:37
02You're Not Here3:46
03Float Up from Dream1:22
04End of Small Sanctuary1:42
05Breeze - in Monochrome Night4:14
06Sickness Unto Foolish Death3:06
07Clockwork Little Happiness3:24
08Please Love Me.. Once More1:54
09A Stray Child5:29
10Innocent Moon1:38
11Maternal Heart3:02
12Letter - from The Lost Days3:54
13Dance With Night Wind5:21
14Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me2:19
16Walk on Vanity Ruins2:44
17I Want Love2:45
18Heads No.21:13
19Memory of The Waters1:47
20Rain of Brass Petals3:39
21Flower Crown of Poppy2:13
23Uneternal Sleep1:01
25I Want Love (Studio Mix)4:40
26Rain of Brass Petals - Three Voices Edit5:01

Silent Hill Sounds Box 4 [Silent Hill 4: The Room]

01Tender Sugar5:32
03Fortunate Sleep - Noone Disturb Her Dead2:07
04Melancholy Requiem3:53
06Drops Of Shame2:49
07The Suicidal Clock Chime1:10
08Silent Circus2:56
09Traversing The Portals Of Reality2:03
10Into The Depths Of Self Discovery2:55
11Cradel Of Forest6:30
12Resting Comfortably0:51
13Nightmarish Waltz3:09
14Pulsating Ambience3:04
15Your Rain4:42
16The Last Mariachi1:37
17Wounded Warsong3:12
18Underground Dawn - Never Come -2:12
19Fever Chill2:28
21Room Of Angel7:09
22Waiting For You ~ LIVE AT 'Heaven's Night' ~ (unreleased tunes)6:19

Silent Hill Sounds Box 5 [Silent Hill: Zero]

01Shot Down In Flames (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)4:00
03Evil Appetite2:05
04Wrong Is Right2:25
05Not Tomorrow 31:42
06Monster Daddy2:27
07King Of Adiemus2:29
08Don't Abuse Me1:39
09Underworld 43:07
10Acid Horse2:11
11O.R.T (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)4:24
13Raw Power1:16
14A Million Miles1:31
15Battle Drums2:18
16The Wicked End2:18
17Blow Back (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)3:14
18Real Solution2:56
19The Healer2:53
21Behind the Wall of Sleep2:20
23Murder Song 'S'3:05
24Not Tomorrow 42:15
25Theme of Sabre Dance1:33
26Hole In The Sky (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)4:11

Silent Hill Sounds Box 6 [Silent Hill: Homecoming]

Alex Theme on the disc is a remixed version instead of the original.

01One More Soul To The Call (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)6:05
03Mr. JOY2:36
04Cold Blood3:14
05The Terminal Show3:04
06Elle Theme (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)5:33
074 Pattern3:38
08Snow Flower2:48
09Attitude #702:20
11Total Invasion2:17
12The Real Love3:13
13Voodoo Girl2:11
14Living In Fear2:37
15Dreams of Leaving3:56
16Who Knows2:27
17Slave 2 Death2:27
18The Thing3:36
19Dead Monks2:26
20This Sacred Line (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)4:40
21Alex Theme (Machine Head Mix) (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)5:00

Silent Hill Sounds Box 7 [Silent Hill: Shattered Memories]

01Always on my Mind (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)5:09
02When You're Gone (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)3:10
03Searching the Past2:31
04Childish Thoughts (Unused Bonus Track)1:32
05Creeping Distress2:15
07Snow Driven2:30
09Devil's Laughter1:51
10Lost Truth2:48
11Angel's Scream2:40
12Another Warm Body1:52
13Forsaken Lullaby0:52
14Raw Shock1:43
15Lives Wasted Away2:03
16Blackest Friday1:46
17Endless Depths1:30
18Different Persons2:29
20Acceptance (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)4:04
21Hell Frozen Rain (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)5:39

Silent Hill Sounds Box 8 [Silent Hill Extra Music & Silent Hill: The Arcade]

Stellaris cyborg species. Alex Theme on the disc is a remixed version instead of the original.


01Azusa 1GO from Silent Hillunreleased track2:38
02Silent Hill (estudio) from Silent Hillpiano version of the SH1 theme3:07
03Anaconda (Unreleased Track) from Silent Hillunreleased track0:57
04Tussock (Unreleased Track) from Silent Hillunreleased track0:45
05Lost Carol (Long Version) from Silent Hill 3extended version of Lost Carol from SH3 OST2:45
06Rain of Brass Petals (Other Take) from Silent Hill 3edit of Rain of Brass Petals from SH3 OST2:04
07Joe Sweet Dreams (Unreleased Track) from Silent Hill 3unreleased track2:03
08Last Boss Remix from Silent Hill 3final boss music2:25
09Dance Girl Dance from Silent Hill 3Heads No.1 from SH3 Special Mini Sound Track3:19
10Queen of the Rodeo from Silent Hill 3SH3 results screen 4:52
11All Screwed Up from Silent Hill 3Life from SH3 Special Mini Sound Track5:10
12Innocent Moon (Other Take) from Silent Hill 3another version of Innocent Moon from SH3 OST2:40
13I've Been Losing You from Silent Hill 3unreleased track3:57
14No Excuses from Silent Hill 3instrumental version of Sun from SH3 OST1:24
15Your Rain (Reprise) from Silent Hill 4: The Roomfrom the SH4 Escape and Mother endings0:58
16Result from Silent Hill 4: The RoomSH4 results screen0:48
17Last Walk from Silent Hill 4: The Roomfrom the SH4 Escape and Mother endings1:50
18Until The Stars Go Out from Silent Hill 4: The Roomfinal boss music2:01
19Kaminaga from Silent Hill 4: The Roommusic from the SH4 Trailer 2 (2004.03.19)0:28
20Hanyo from Silent Hill 4: The Roommusic from the SH4 Trailer 3 (2004.04.30)0:33
21A Monster In Her Eyes from Silent Hill 4: The Roomunreleased track with fragments of The Last Mariachi and Two Evils1:28
22Clown Parade from Silent Hill 4: The RoomHenry and Eileen find Walter's umbilical cord1:29
23Serious from Silent Hill 4: The Roomanother variation of the previous song1:52
24Moments In Bed from Silent Hill 4: The RoomHenry finds Eileen in the apartment's lobby1:37
25Ki-No-Ko from Lost Memoriesfrom the Ki-No-Ko video4:40
26KO (Unreleased Track) from Silent Hill 2unreleased track4:03

27Theme of Hannafinal boss fight against the Phantom3:05
28You Are TiredUFO Ending1:12
29Recorder 2007UFO Ending's credits3:25

Silent Hill Sounds Box [Bonus Material]

  • Silent Hill: Zero E3 Trailer - from E3 2007
  • Silent Hill: Zero TGS Trailer - from TGS 2007
  • Silent Hill: Homecoming E3 Trailer - from E3 2008
  • Silent Hill: Homecoming TGS Trailer - from TGS 2008
  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories E3 Trailer - from E3 2009
  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories TGS Trailer - from TGS 2009



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