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Worbital Download Free

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When we first started sketching Worbital and its world of futuristic interplanetary warfare, we knew we needed factions. It takes two to engage in a destructive planet-to-planet artillery war, but one more on top of that would guarantee the cosmic chaos we were aiming for! To celebrate our release on Xbox One, I figured I’d. Worbital Game – Overview – Free Download – PC – RIP – Compressed – Screenshots – Specs – Torrent/uTorrent Type of game: Strategy PC Release Date: January 31, 2019 Developer/Publishers: Team Jolly Roger, Advanced Interactive Gaming Worbital (463 MB) is an Strategy video game. Developed and published by Team Jolly Roger, Advanced.


Worbital is a real-time multiplayer strategic artillery game that sees entire planets going to war with each other as they attempt to be the last one standing.

Playable in single player or online and local multiplayer, in Worbital each player commandeers a planet and attempts to destroy all the other rival planets in the solar system. There are customizable loadouts that allow you to build and upgrade all manner of planet wrecking weaponry – from railguns to world rammers which can derail a planet’s orbit and send it careering into another planet.


You’ll need to use superior strategy and precision artillery warfare as you attempt to expose your opponents cores and blow up their planets. As your little planet spins around in its orbit It’s not just other players you’ll need to deal with – space is littered with asteroids, planetary debris and other celestial objects that you’ll have to avoid or eliminate, and explosive chain reactions will eventually destroy the sun itself.

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It’s an impressive game that blends strategy and physics based artillery warfare to allow for some very addictive planet wrecking battles. Sign up for the Beta now to join in the interplanetary warfare.


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To sign up for the Beta just join the official Discord Group and request a Beta key in the #request-beta-key channel (keys are limited).