While True: Learn() Art Pack

This free Three Little Pigs Activities is filled with fun worksheets, clip cards and activities that are suitable for young children ages 3-8. They will enjoy working on their reading and handwriting skills as well as learning number recognition and practicing their counting skills. While this activity might say preschool, it is definitely suitable for kindergarten and first graders too!

Three Little Pigs Activities


This learning pack focuses on the Three Little Pigs story. All of these printable activities revolve around the characters of this story. It also includes story cards and story sequencing strips which your child can use to retell the story. These can be laminated and used, placing the cards in order. Another way to use the story cards is to laminate them and stick a paddle pop stick onto the back of them. This gives your child an easy way to hold the story sequencing cards as they retell the story in their own words.


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Materials Required:

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While True: learn Art Pack contains more than 50 images drawn during the whole development process: pictures of all existing cats, never shown to public before, first-day sketches and unique wallpapers. While True: learn Art Pack Steam charts, data, update history.

These items are best used with the activity pack so grab them here:

  • Card stock (to print everything out on.)
  • A pocket chart (I have this one and this mini one too.)
  • Laminator with pockets (If you want to make it reusable.)
  • Clothespins (for the clip cards)
  • Color Pencils, Crayons or Markers

This 3 Little Pigs activities pack contains over 70 pages and includes the following activities:

  • Story Sequencing Cards
  • Story Sequencing Strips
  • Alphabet Matching Cards
  • Number Matching Cards
  • Do-A-Dot pages
  • I Spy Fun
  • 2 piece puzzles
  • 4 piece puzzles
  • Line Tracing Page
  • Maze
  • Montessori 3 Part Cards
  • Size Sequencing Cards
  • Number Puzzles
  • Word Puzzle
  • Cut and Paste the Missing Numbers
  • Count and Clip Cards
  • Simple Addition Pages
  • Simple Subtraction Pages
  • Cutting Practice page
  • See and Stamp pages
  • Trace the letters
  • Story / Creative Writing Pages
  • Playdough letter activity
  • Fingerprint letter activity
  • Push Pin letter activity

Also, don’t forget to add the Three Little Pigs Sequencing Cards

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While True: Learn() Art Packages

and the watercolor 3 little pigs coloring pages to the pack!

While True Learn Solutions

Grab the story Read Build Write Vocabulary Cards

Download the free Three Little Pigs Pack here

Three Little Pigs Activities for kindergarten

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