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Tyranny Gold Edition – the award-winning RPG – is FREE to download for a limited time! Find out how to get it FREE, and SHARE THIS NEWS with your friends! Don’t forget to LIKE the Tech ARP Facebook page to get these updates quickly! Tyranny Gold Edition. Play an RPG with meaningful, world-altering choices, unique and memorable companions, and a new perspective on morality.

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Download over 280 free sound effects, and use them in any commercial or personal project! Explore these collections, and get your free SFX packs now.

Do you need some free sound effects for a video you’re working on or an app you’re developing? We’ve rounded up all of our best free packs for you to download now — no matter what you’re working on.

What’s the catch? Nothing. No catch. You are free to use all of these sound effects in any commercial or personal project. You only agree not to resell or redistribute these free sound effects. That’s it!

These free sounds are extremely simple to integrate into your Premiere Pro projects — simply download them, import them into Premiere, then add them to your timeline. They’re .MP3s, so there’s no hassle of having to bring them into audition to get them added to your Premiere soundscape.

Find the right free sound effects pack you need below, then simply click the button to download each free SFX pack.

25 FREE Unique Vintage Sound Effects


To start off, let’s take it back with some analog-inspired sound effects. There’s plenty of bloops, bleeps, swells, and whooshes in this pack perfect for contributing ominous, retro sounding sound effects that will complete the soundscape of your film. Like most sound effects, when left alone these effects can seem a bit out of place so its best to blend them in underneath a song or another sound effect.

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Twenty Free Movie Trailer Sound Effects

When we first curated this pack of twenty free epic movie trailer sound effects, we wanted to help video editors, of all levels, create great movie trailers. We never imagined the tremendous response we’d get from readers like you!

We’ve heard these elements in countless videos to date, so we can’t wait for you to share your next epic trailer with us. This pack of free trailer SFX includes sweeps, risers, slams, and intense atmospheres. Click the button below to get the twenty free trailer sound effects pack.

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Ten Free Glitch Sound Effects

In this pack of digital glitch sound effects from RocketStock, you’ll get ten free distortion SFX to accentuate your corrupted visuals. If you’re looking for glitch effects and transitions, be sure to check out RocketStock’s Corruption pack with 120 glitch and distortion elements.

Click the button below to visit the RocketStock site for the ten free sound effects.

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Twenty-Five Free Explosion SFX + Fifteen Free Fireballs

Things get explosive with this big pack of twenty-five free explosion sound effects and fifteen free video elements. The freeDetonate pack includesblasts, bombs, mine explosions, and grenades. If your Premiere project is lacking that explosive dynamic, these sound effects will bring you the assets you need.


Download all forty free sound effects and explosion elements by clicking the link below.

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Tyranny Custom Portraits

Thirty Free Horror SFX

Caravan download free. This curated collection of thirty free horror sound effects is perfect for any horror filmmaker. The free horror SFX pack includesrisers, blood and guts, whispers, screeches, slams, and more.

Want to integrate these sound effects into your next edit? Check out how you can create your own horror practical effects, and fill them out in Premiere, with the free sound effects provided here.

Click the button below to visit the RocketStock page with the thirty free horror SFX pack.

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Fifteen Free Ambient Atmosphere SFX

Establish a scene with these fifteen free ambient sound effects. Whether the action takes place near a busy street or quiet forest, this pack has plenty to set the mood.

The free ambient SFX pack includes background noises like birds, streets, coffee shops, electric hums, forests, waves, storms, and more. Get a copy now by clicking the button below.

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Twenty-Nine Free Computer HUD SFX

Sci-Fi UI is a curated collection of twenty-nine free futuristic sound effects. The free SFX pack includescursor clicks, alarms, beeps, scanners, and keypads. We selected these sound effects to complement the incredibly easy-to-use HUD elements in the RocketStock Interface pack. Interface includes over 400 HUD and display elements for any project.

Download the twenty-nine free computer sound effects by clicking the link below.


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Creating Your Own Foley + Forty-One Free Sound Effects

If you want to go completely independent and create your own sound effects, learning how to foley is your first step. This video is a great guide on how to record your own sound effects, as needed, with just a microphone and a laptop.

Tyranny Portrait Mods

If you don’t want to record anything, this video comes with over forty miscellaneous sound effects for you to download!

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Free Cinematic Atmospheres for Film

Filling out the atmosphere of your Premiere project can be a hassle. Dead air can ruin a project, so fill it with some cinematic atmospheres provided here. It’s a great way to convey emotion and add depth to your video.

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Over Forty Free Footsteps

Footsteps seem to be one of the most forgotten aspects of foley design. When you include them in your soundscape, they can really add sonic depth and texture to your video. This pack comes with steps — of all different types — to fit the landscape you’re working with.

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Liberty And Tyranny Free Download

This post was originally published in 2017. It has been updated to reflect changes in the industry.

Cover image via Oleksandr_Delyk.

Tyranny Portrait Pack

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