The Elder Scrolls Online: The Hailcinder Mount Pack Download

The elder scrolls online: the hailcinder mount pack download 1.12.2

Explore Tamriel and experience an adventure like no other during our Free Play Event, starting right now for PC/Mac and PlayStation®4 today and tomorrow, March 22 for Xbox One.

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Thinking about checking out The Elder Scrolls Online? Now's your chance! You can enjoy the game completely free until Tuesday, March 27 by following the steps below:

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How to Get a Mount in Elder Scrolls Online. Mounts are one of the best ways to travel through Tamriel, the main game world of Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), Cyrodiil, and the player versus player (PVP) zone for ESO. About The Elder Scrolls Online: The Hailcinder Mount Pack: About This Content Ride into your Tamrielic journey with the Hailcinder Mount Pack, featuring an exclusive Vale Elk Mount, 3000 Crowns for use in the Crown Store, as well as a Pledge of Mara Scroll to aid in your adventures. The Hailcinder Mount Pack is a bundle which can be purchased from the online store for €24.99/£19.99 GBP. It includes the exclusive Hailcinder Vale Elk mount, 3,000 Crowns, and one Pledge of Mara. It first became available on September 16, 2020. The mount is delivered via in-game mail as a Mount Pack: Hailcinder Vale Elk. Buy The Elder Scrolls Online The Hailcinder Mount Pack CD KEY Compare Prices. Activate the CD Key on your Steam client to download The Elder Scrolls Online The Hailcinder Mount Pack. Save money and find the best deal.

All new ESO accounts are gifted 500 free crowns for use in the in-game Crown Store, allowing you to pick up some useful items such as potions, XP Scrolls, food, or even an adorable pet! To help you on your way, The Elder Scrolls Online has recently added two new in-game features: the Skills Advisor tool and level-up rewards. These new features in addition to our many community-made and official guides means there's never been a better time to be a new ESO player!

If you've played ESO during previous free-play events for your platform, you'll find that any previous characters and progression will remain, allowing you to continue your adventures in Tamriel as if you never left. If you decide to buy ESO after the event, your characters will be waiting for you.

The ESO game client will be approximately 80GB in size, so ensure you have enough space on your machine's hard drive for the download.

Note that you will need PlayStation®Plus membership if playing on PlayStation®4 and Xbox Live Gold membership if playing on Xbox One.

Continue Your Adventure

If you enjoy your time in Tamriel, you can continue your adventures immediately by pre-purchasing a digital copy of The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset. Head to our pre-purchase page for everything you need to know about the next Chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online saga!

Pre-purchases will also receive the Queen's Bounty Pack and the Nightmare Senche Mount, and digital pre-purchases will receive the Morrowind Chapter as a bonus reward.

Tamriel Awaits

The Elder Scrolls Online: The Hailcinder Mount Pack Download

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The Elder Scrolls online, free Play Event begins now for PC/Mac and PlayStation®4 and March 22 for Xbox One. It concludes for all platforms on March 27.

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The Explorer's Pack was a bonus that came with pre-ordering The Elder Scrolls Online or its Imperial Edition. It unlocked the following digital content:

  • The ability to play as any race (excluding Imperials) in any of the three alliances.
  • An exclusive Scuttler vanity pet.
  • A bundle of bonus treasure maps that lead to hidden loot chests.

Those who purchased the Explorer's Pack through the PC/Mac Store also received early access to the game five days before release, along with a surprise two-day grace period of additional free play. Physical copies of the standard edition only received three days of early access. PS4, Xbox One and Japanese pre-orders did not include early access, but still received the Explorer's Pack. The Explorer's Pack was temporarily made available again during the Japanese free trial campaign, almost two months after launch in Japan.

The bonus treasure maps and the ability to play as any race are available as part of the Adventurer Pack bundle in the Crown Store, with the Scuttler pet being replaced with a Bantam Guar pet.

The Explorer's Pack may no longer be redeemed, as any codes that were left unused have since expired. Of the items, only the Scuttler pet is unobtainable for those who do not own the pack.

The Elder Scrolls Online: The Hailcinder Mount Pack Download 1.14


The Elder Scrolls Online: The Hailcinder Mount Pack Downloads

  • Any race, any alliance

  • Scuttler pet

  • Bonus Treasure Maps


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