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TerraTech: R&D Labs (DLC) View in Store. Sign in to get personalized help for TerraTech: R&D Labs. What problem are you having with this product? It doesn't work on my operating system It's not in my library I'm having trouble with my retail CD key Log in for more personalized options. NPC's, short for Non-Player Characters, are techs that you will meet throughout the game as you progress through it. Each of the corporations has specific NPCs associated with it, with more being added in Updates. 1 GSO 2 GeoCorp 3 Venture 4 Hawkeye 5 Better Future 6 Reticule Research 7 Trivia Crafty Mike - Full name Michael Croft with 'Crafty Mike' as a street name. Known con man that.

Explore, build, craft and battle across alien worlds in this physics-based construction sandbox adventure. Design cars, tanks and planes from a huge library of blocks. Scavenge, craft and buy new parts in order to survive and become the ultimate planetary prospector.

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This article is a stub. You can help TerraTech Wiki by expanding it.
Reticule Research

Reticule Research is the sixth corporation in TerraTech, both serving as the main controller of the R&D Labs DLC and as part of experimental equipment, catered mainly for end-game, and sometimes for early-game.

Reticule Research mainly focuses on experimental weapons and blocks, most of which caters to its orange-white experimental look. Unlike the other corporation, the blocks they possess often get sold to other corporations, and does not stay long in their arsenal. There are a few exceptions to this case, however.

Lore[editedit source]

Reticule Research is an applied sciences research company, whose main focus is experimental weaponry. With the advent of off-world mining, the RR execs realized that they could cut their R&D costs if they simply offered up their dangerous prototype weapons to those freelance prospectors on the other side of the galaxy.

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Rationale[editedit source]


“Mad professors running wild making crazy weaponry. The vehicles are standard modern day fair, but the weapons mounted on to them are turbocharged and out of this world. These bizarre weapons give little indication of their actual function and they are just as likely to work as to blow their operator to pieces. Evil geniuses who've found the keys to the toy box.”

NPC[editedit source]

Reticule Research's corporation-specific NPC is Atom (or more known as 'Reticule Research Science Officer AT-0M RRv1313'). First appeared as ???, his name was revealed after tracking him down to his hideaway.

License Acquisition[editedit source]

5 In Search of Science

Missions[editedit source]

  • Grade 1:
  • Grade 2:
  • Grade 3:

Trivia[editedit source]

  • When Reticule Research first appeared on 3/13/2020, the RR license did not exist.
    • With V 1.4, their license is obtainable in Campaign mode.
  • Prior to V 1.4 it is previously only possible to earn Reticule Research items by completing Missions to find them randomly in crates or purchasing them from a trading station. This only applies if the player owns the DLCs. This makes it the only corporation whose blocks are locked behind paywalls.
  • Reticule Research replaced the ExperimentalCorporation, which was not a corp at all but rather merely served as a category for upcoming blocks.
    • Originally, RR is intended as a mere re-skin to its predecessor. As an upcoming corporation, it generated massive hype prior to its release thus Payload Studios was heavily criticized for their deception. They quickly shifted their development focus to RR afterwards, resulting in the RR Corp we see today.
    • When it was introduced, all EXP blocks that are NOT promoted and assigned to a corp are rebranded, in addition to some new ones being added.

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