Syntherapy takes a look at the ethics surrounding advanced AI and explores mental health topics that are sensitive in today’s society. Explore the wider questions of morality and human behavior as they apply to artificially constructed beings. This is a deep and philosophical journey into the dark unknown. Playing psychotherapist to a troubled AI in Syntherapy December 11, 2020 0 Comments The gameplay consists mostly of conducting therapy sessions via dialogue options — with Willow but also through conversations with others which turn out to be de facto therapy.


Syntherapy Clinic

Syntherapy clinic

Welcome to the official website for Crowned Daemon Studios! We're an up-and-coming indie game studio.

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Our first project, Hero Boy, is a 2D horror/beat-em-up hybrid that takes place in the notebook of an 8 year old boy during the onset of a zombie apocalypse. The game has recently reached alpha and will be available on Steam on October 28th, 2016!

Syntherapy Clinic In Medford

Our second project, Freak, is a 2D top-down shooter/stealth game that follows the journey of a teenage boy named Tinker who gets bitten by a zombie, dies, but somehow manages to retain his humanity and must journey home in order to discover the mystery behind his immunity. The game has passed through Steam's Greenlight process, however it is currently not in active development due to budgetary issues. We're still interested in working on it and welcome all discussions and questions regarding the game while we acquire the means to continue working on it again!