Stellaris: Complete Soundtrack Download Free

Tron Legacy Soundtrack For Stellaris

By popular demand, here it is, the (probable) inspiration for Stellaris’ own music: the Tron Legacy Soundtrack!
It wasn’t easy, though: I actually spent more time selecting the music tracks for this mod than I did for any other. So if you feel like I missed one that should have been added, or otherwise think a track should be removed: let me know in the comments below and we’ll talk about it!

LEARN MORE: www.stellaris.com - Stellaris will be free to try on STEAM from May 12 to May 17. The song will be available on streaming platforms on May 29th.

Also, please remember that this isn’t the full soundtrack, as some songs didn’t fit –at all– and the point of all of my mods is to ultimately blend in with Stellaris’ own music as much as possible.

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Stellaris Complete Soundtrack Download

  1. Greyscale Bar at the bottom of the grid for a full selection of greys Maintains the original colors from Stellaris for savegame compatibility. Full support for AI use of new colors.
  2. Listen to Stellaris Suite: Creation And Beyond (From Stellaris Original Game Soundtrack) by Paradox Interactive, 2,059 Shazams.

– Should be compatible with any other mod (let me know if you have issues)
– Does not deactivate the original soundtrack
– Ironman and achievements compatible
– Supported version: 1.5.* (Banks)

Track listing
01 – Overture
03 – The Son of Flynn
04 – Recognizer
05 – Armory
11 – Nocturne
16 – Solar Sailer
19 – Arrival
20 – Flynn Lives
22 – Finale

[Special edition bonus disc]01 – ENCOM, Part IStellaris vinyl soundtrack

Stellaris: Complete Soundtrack Download Free Online

02 – ENCOM, Part II
05 – Reflections[Amazon bonus track]23 – Sea of SimulationStellaris:Stellaris: Complete Soundtrack Download Free

This mod wouldn’t be possible without Daft Punk, who did an amazing job on this soundtrack.
Daft Punk: you guys rock!

All credits and copyrights go to Daft Punk, Walt Disney Pictures, Sean Bailey Productions, and Motion Pictures.

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