Star Control: Origins - Original Soundtrack Download

Earth Rising Expansion

Star Control: Origins - Original Soundtrack Download

Earth Rising is a 4-part expansion that contains new quests, ships, rewards, and story that is tied to humanity’s quest for establishing themselves as a major galactic power. Explore new stars, solve newly discovered mysteries, and form relationships with new alien races and their leaders.


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Part 1: Aftermath
Available Now
Star Control has ordered the construction of a new base in Episilon Trireme, but not every alien is happy about the idea of an expanding human empire and the base construction efforts have already encountered major trouble. Meanwhile, a suspiciously helpful group of aliens have returned and directed you toward the location of a potential new ally - a race of lazy aliens called the Gloosh. A new enemy has also appeared in the shadows, and it seems to have its own long and hostile history with humanity..

Prices, history graph and more for the Soundtrack 'Star Control: Origins - Original Soundtrack' (DE region). Star Control: Origins is scheduled to release on Steam, Stardock, and GOG on September 20th, with the soundtrack releasing alongside it. The soundtrack will be available for $9.99 on a variety of music services, including Google Play, Amazon Music, and iTunes. In addition to those services, streaming services such as Pandora, Youtube Music, and Spotify. Over the years, there has been a lot of music produced in the key of Star Control. Countless musicians have ben inspired and touched by the game series and have often made their own very special tributes. Here we have tried our humble best to index those artists and present their amazing works.

Part 2: Return of the Lexites
Available Now
Face your most dangerous challenge yet against a post-singularity species whose motives are a mystery! The Lexites are impeding Earth's efforts to expand into known space. But, why? As the Captain of Earth's first interstellar starship, your mission is to visit new worlds and engage in combat against strange new ships while trying to unravel the mysterious plans of the post-humans who left Earth.

Part 3: The Syndicate
Available Now
Humanity’s alliance is fraying and their plans for expanding into the galaxy are waylaid when they are faced with a new threat and a difficult choice. Two new factions have appeared on the scene: The Syndicate, a group of criminals, pirates, and other people of low moral quality, and The Liberators, an organization of idealistic freedom fighters. Both want your allegiance, and both want to destroy each other, which leaves you with a question: where do your loyalties lie?

Part 4: Earth Rises
Available Now
Humans have finally proven that they may be worthy custodians to the Spur, but they must still prove themselves to allies and enemies alike. Meanwhile, Commander Magara is missing, a faction of humanity is developing a dangerous battlecruiser, and the Mowlings’ God has reluctantly returned and asked you to help save them from imminent destruction. and you’ve been tasked with finding him and returning him to safety. Perhaps a stop at Kapteyn’s bar will give you some more information - if you can avoid getting into a brawl long enough to talk to someone, that is.

Star Control: Origins is required to play DLC.

Star Control: Origins - Original Soundtrack Download


What is Star Control?

Star Control® is a space adventure video game originally published by Accolade in 1990. The sequel Star Control II followed in 1992, and the final installation of the series, Star Control 3, was released in 1996. In 2013, Stardock acquired the rights to the series from Atari.

What is Star Control: Origins?

Take command of Earth’s first and only interstellar starship! Your mission? To save the world..at all costs and by any means necessary. Explore the galaxy, investigate new worlds, contact new civilizations, and battle hostile aliens in this open universe space-adventure RPG.

How much does Star Control: Origins cost?

Star Control: Origins is now available for $29.99.

Star Control: Origins - Original Soundtrack Downloads

What do owners of the Founder’s Editions get?

If you paid for the 'Founder’s Edition,' you have access to the full game. You will also have access to exclusive mod tools, private dev journals, and all of the art, music, and more in our Founder’s Vault.

If you purchased the “Lifetime Founder’s Edition,” you have access to the full game, and will receive a lifetime pass to all of the DLC that’s ever put out for the game. In addition, you’ll get the game soundtrack, exclusive mod tools, private dev journals, and access to all sorts of art, music, and more inside our Founder’s Vault.

Where can I purchase the Founder’s Edition?

The Founders Editions are no longer for sale. You can purchase Star Control: Originshere.

What is the Star Control: Origins gameplay like?

There are several exciting gameplay elements in Star Control: Origins.

You'll explore hundreds of solar systems and thousands of planets to complete quests, collect resources, and fight unusual creatures. Upgrade your lander to survive planets with harsh environments like active volcanoes, violent whirlwinds, and more.

Encounter dozens of unique alien species who want to befriend you, destroy you, or in a rare case or two, eat you. Every choice you make in how you interact with these aliens can affect different outcomes in the game, so how you handle it is up to you.


Battle against hostile enemies in exciting ship-on-ship combat in Fleet Battles. This is a primary method of conflict resolution during the adventure mode part of the game, but can also be played on its own against friends in online multiplayer.

Create custom ships, buildings, worlds, and questlines using Adventure Studio. You'll be able to share them online using Steam Workshop and can download other quests and creations from other players in order to expand your gameplay experience.

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To see more details about gameplay and the development process, you can check out our dev journals.

Star Control: Origins - Original Soundtrack Download

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What are the system requirements?

Minimum: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 64-bit, Quad-core Intel or AMD processor, 4 GB RAM, Intel Integrated 520 video card or equivalent, DirectX 11, 26 GB available space, DirectX Compatible Sound Card.

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Recommended: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 64-bit, Duo Core Intel or AMD processor, 8 GB RAM, Video card with 2GB of video memory, DirectX 11, 26 GB available space, DirectX Compatible Sound Card.