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The Spy Game
Soundtrack album by
ReleasedNovember 13, 2001

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The Spy Game is the soundtrack from the film of the same name, released on November 13, 2001.


  • Harry Gregson-Williams:
  1. Su-Chou Prison (5:00)
  2. Muir Races To Work (3:32)
  3. '..He's Been Arrested For Espionage.' (1:23)
  4. Red Shirt (5:07)
  5. Training Montage (2:34)
  6. Berlin (2:18)
  7. 'It's Not A Game' (2:34)
  8. 'You're Going To Miss It' (9:15)
  9. Beirut, A War Zone (3:20)
  10. 'My Name Is Tom' (2:41)
  11. All Hell Breaks Loose (6:19)
  12. Explosion & Aftermath (2:50)
  13. Parting Company (2:08)
  14. Harker Tracks Muir (3:28)
  15. The Long Night (1:46)
  16. Muir's In The Hot Seat (5:08)
  17. Back At Su-Chou Prison (2:18)
  18. Operation Dinner Out (4:50)
  19. Spies (Ryebot Remix) (2:16)
  20. Dinner Out [Rothrock Remix] (2:38)

Vocals courtesy of Khosro Ansari

Tracks not included in the official Soundtrack[edit]

  • Vivaldi - Four Seasons (Spring)
  • Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms
  • Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way
  • Pascale Machaalani - Nour el Chams
  • Dean Martin - Let it Snow!
  • Jimi Jamison - I'm Always Here
  • Cory Cullinan - The Bad News
  • Omer Faruk Tekbilek - Şişeler

Reception and Legacy[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores

William Ruhlmann of AllMusic said the assortment of genres in the soundtrack for Spy Game was good for movie theatre goers but not for music listeners.[1]

The finale of Spooks' second series included the tracks 'Beirut, a War Zone' and 'Operation Dinner Out'.[2]


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We’ve got our hands on the official track list of the soundtrack of Spy, the upcoming espionage action comedy movie directed by Paul Feig! The clip features Actress Melissa McCarthy and Actor Jason Statham:

Spy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Various artists.
1. Who Can You Trust – Ivy Levan
2. Boum Boum Boum – Mika
3. Cola Song (Feat. J Balvin) – Inna
4. Mi Mi Mi – Serebro
5. Dancing Lasha Tumbai – Verka Serduchka
6. GO! (feat. Karen O) – Santigold
7. Bounce – Iggy Azalea
8. Kill of the Night – Gin Wigmore
9. I’m A Diva (Need Nobody) – Nicolay Mondaine feat. Texaz
11. Twisted (feat. Mr. Probz) – 50 Cent
12. Cold Blooded – Ida Maria
13. Bad Seed Rising – Bad Seed Rising
14. Spy Party – Verka Serduchka

Official music videos are available for some of the songs:

Spy – Theme song – Who Can You Trust – Ivy Levan (thanks to 20th Century Fox)

Spy – Boum Boum Boum – Mika

Cola Song (Feat. J Balvin) – Inna

Mi Mi Mi – Serebro

Dancing Lasha Tumbai – Verka Serduchka

Bounce – Iggy Azalea

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Twisted (feat. Mr. Probz) – 50 Cent

Bad Seed Rising – Bad Seed Rising

Plot Synopsis:
Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) is an unassuming, deskbound CIA analyst, and the unsung hero behind the Agency’s most dangerous missions. But when her partner falls off the grid and another top agent is compromised, she volunteers to go deep undercover to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealer, and prevent a global disaster.

The movie soundtrack of Spy will be released on June 2, 2015 by Milan Records.

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And here’s the track list of the film score:

Spy Original Motion Picture Score
Music by Theodore Shapiro.
1. Agent Bradley Fine
2. Bulgarian Breakout
3. Who Can You Trust (Opening Main Title Theme) – Performed by Ivy Levan
4. He Was Bradley Fine
5. City of Vanishing Lights
6. Murdery Hotel
7. Following Rick Ford
8. Insult to Injury
9. To Rome
10. Casino Di Roma
11. Shut Down the Grid
12. Flight to Budapest
13. Vespa Chase
14. Club Escape
15. Knife Fight
16. Fine Is Back
17. Lady Superspy
18. Balaton Showdown
19. Conducting Business
20. Garage Fight/Helicopter/Death of De Luca
21. Agent Susan Cooper
22. Who Can You Trust – Performed by Ivy Levan

An interview with Theodore Shapiro:


Theodore Shapiro Interview – Spy

Airships conquer the skies manual. And an interview with Music Supervisor Erica Weis:

SPY – Q&A with music supervisor Erica Weis

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