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Downfall is a full-featured Expansion for Slay the Spire, including a new campaign, four new heroes to play, new relics, new cards, new potions, and more. The Heart demands that this endless cycle of slaughter be finished. Answer the call as a Villain, and see to the defense of the Spire. Download the latest Release. Copy ModTheSpire.jar to your Slay the Spire install directory. For Windows, copy MTS.cmd to your Slay the Spire install directory. For Linux, copy MTS.sh to your Slay the Spire install directory and make it executable. Slay the Spire MacOSX Free Download Slay the Spire is a merge of card games and roguelikes to make the best solo deck builder possible. Build a unique deck, meet strange creatures, discover relics of immense power and kill the arrow! Slay the Spire - +5 Trainer (promo) - Download. Gameplay-facilitating trainer for Slay the Spire. This trainer may not necessarily work with your copy of the game. File type Trainer. File size 5.6 MB. Last update Thursday, January 16, 2020. Downloads (7 days) 29. Class - samurai. Download Slay the Spire and clear all the levels ahead of you! Enjoy this single-player deck-building game and start by selecting one of four characters. Once you’ve chosen one of four basic decks, you can add powerful relics that give your character a unique ability.

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Get your hands on Slay the Spire video game developed for all the deck gamers out there. In this game, the player encounters many enemies, events and bosses during the completion of the task. The mission is to work through various levels of the spire, and on each level, you`ll see a different character, including monsters with different abilities and powers. Each player will have turns, and on every turn, the player will receive a fresh hand of cards with three energy points.

Slay the Spire Key Features:

  • Single-player mode video game
  • Cards in this game vary by the characters with attacking powers to damage the opponent.
  • During the game, if the energy of the player drops to zero, the game is over.
  • More than 50 events that can possibly harm you or can help you.
  • Powerful cards known as relics can be beneficial to destroy foes.
  • Each encounter has different powers or abilities.
  • Four players combat with each other.

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