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SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition PC torrent

SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition

Developer: Maxis
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Strategy, Simulator, 3D
Language: EN / Multi7
Treatment: Not required
Release Date: 2003

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  • SimCity™ 4 Deluxe Edition download free. full Latest Version. About This Game. SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition includes the bestselling SimCity 4 and the all-new SimCity 4 Rush Hour Expansion Pack. Create the most massive region of cities ever, with a farming town, bedroom community, high-tech commercial center, and industrial backbone.
  • A few months ago I acquired SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition from the Origin platform, I am looking to upgrade to build 638, however from the Origin platform I do not download the update, try to do it manually, I got the installer and it does not work, there is some way to update the version of Origin 610 t.
  • SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition PC Game Download – Permainan simulasi tentang membangun sebuah kota berdasarkan keinginan kita, mungkin itu sedikit gambaran mengenai seri ke-4 dari game SimCity. Ini merupakan paket yang berisi game asli dan Rush Hour, di mana kita harus mengelola keuangan, lingkungan dan kualitas hidup warga kota agar permainan.

SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition includes the bestselling SimCity 4 and the all-new SimCity 4 Rush Hour Expansion Pack. Create the most massive region of cities ever, with a farming town, bedroom community, high-tech commercial center, and industrial backbone. Take complete control of your city's transportation system, and solve U-Drive-It missions — from fighting crime to tackling disasters. Watch your population skyrocket as you get your Sims on the go and create the ultimate living, breathing megalopolis — the most expansive SimCity 4 compilation ever.

Addeddate 2016-03-31 23:01:24 Identifier SIMCITY4DELUXEEDITION Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t9d55360j Ocr ABBYY FineReader 11.0 Pages 48 Ppi.

- Create an Entire Region of Cities — Weave together a tapestry of cities linked by a fully integrated transportation network and watch them share and compete for resources.
- Wield God-like Powers — Sculpt the landscape to create a world based on your imagination, then summon volcanoes, tornadoes, meteors, and lightning.
- Be a Responsive Mayor — Build a world-class city with stadiums, airports, universities, and real-world landmarks. Deploy emergency vehicles and join in the action as they battle blazes, mobs, and more.
- Get Insight from Your Sims — Read the rhythm of the city, from commuter hell to mellow cruising, noon-time crowds to night-time calm.

Includes SimCity 4 Rush Hour:
Have the ultimate level of control over your city's transportation network by completely taking charge of roads, rail, air, waterways, and even vehicles. U-Drive It! missions will be presented for you to solve, such as chasing down a bank robber or apprehending a car-jacker. Choose from all-new road types including wide-avenues, suspension bridges, or one-way streets, as well as map out seamless regional networks that whisk Sims from one city to another. Wreak havoc with all-new disasters including a UFO invasion, massive wrecks at railroad crossings, and the occasional car fender bender. There are also all-new tutorials available to help you get started.

System Requirements

CPU: Intel Pentium III 500 or equivalent
RAM: 256 MB
OS: Windows XP / 7
Video Card: 32 MB supported Direct3D capable video card with DirectX 7.0 or greater
Free Disk Space: 1.6 GB

Game Size: 1.03 GB

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Gameplay Trailer & Screenshots

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Simcity 4 Deluxe Edition Download Ita

Genre: Strategy
Release Year: 2003
Developer: Maxis
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Age Rating: 3+
Playability Status: Perfect
Tested On: Windows 7 x64
Availability: Copyright retained - Still sold

Simcity™ 4 Deluxe Edition Downloads

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The Sim City series of games has been keeping wannabe town planners occupied since 1989. With the latest instalment of the series getting so much negative publicity due to its unreliable servers and it’s arguably unnecessary requirement that you are always connected to the internet when you play, it seems like a good time to revisit the previous instalment in the series. Luckily this metropolis building mayor simulator can run on modern PC’s without too much hassle.


SimCity 4 should install on modern PC’s without any major issues, simply insert the DVD and follow the on-screen prompts to install the game. The version of the game we tested was the Deluxe Edition, which also includes the Rush Hour expansion pack, but there should be no issues installing the standard edition either.


Download Simcity 4 Deluxe Free

Before taking your virtual mayors office, you should install the latest patch for SimCity 4. Patches for the game are still available from EA.com here. Download the relevant patch for your region and remember if you are using the Deluxe edition or the Rush Hour expansion pack you should download the SimCity 4: Rush Hour or Deluxe Edition patch. Note that you only need one patch (either the standard or the Rush Hour/Deluxe Edition patch) even if you installed Rush Hour separately from SimCity 4.

Widescreen support


SimCity 4 supports custom resolutions and will run with the most common widescreen screen modes.To enable these widescreen modes, we need to edit the games shortcut. Find the games shortcut on your Start Menu or Start Screen, right click and choose “Properties”. (Windows 8 users will need to right click on the games icon on the Start Screen, choose “Open File Location” and then right click on the shortcut that appears). The properties window for SimCity 4 will then appear, click on the “Shortcut” tab. The picture below shows the window that will appear:-

Click on the box labelled “Target” and press the “End” key on your keyboard or use the cursor keys to scroll to the very end of the line. Now, copy and paste one of the following additional commands. For 720p:-

-CustomResolution:enabled -r1280x720x32

Or for 1080p:-

-CustomResolution:enabled -r1920x1080x32


Simcity 4 Deluxe Windows 10

If your monitor uses a different resolution, simply substitute 1920×1080 for the appropriate values. Click on “OK” when you are done and then try to launch the game. If you followed the steps correctly, SimCity should now launch in your chosen widescreen resolution. According to the WideScreenGaming.net Wiki, at higher widescreen resolutions, “the images (thumbnails) of large cities in the region have a minor corruption”, but nothing you can’t live with.


Simcity 4 Deluxe Edition Download

Random crashes:- If you experience random crashes while playing SimCity 4, it may be due to the fact that you are using a multi-core CPU. Most modern PC’s use CPU’s with two or four processing cores, but in the past most PC’s only had one and this occasionally causes problems with older games. To fix this problem, you should configure the games shortcut to launch SimCity 4 and use only one of your computers CPU cores. See this tutorial for details of how to do this.

Souped-up SimCity

Simcity 4 Deluxe Edition Download Android

Like many popular PC games, SimCity 4 didn’t stop growing or expanding after the official expansion packs were launched. Hundreds of user created mods, buildings and textures are available for the game. Head over to Simtropolis to browse and expand your SimCity experience.