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Bundle these sticks together and with the help of two ropes, you will be able to fasten a shelter in your desired spot. You can also create a storage box with the help of the large wooden sticks we. A Shelter In The Time Of Storm (eBook Bundle) A Shelter In The Time Of Storm (eBook Bundle) $9.99 USD Meditations On God And Trouble Retail Price: $12.99: Bundle Includes:.pdf,.epub (for iOS), and.mobi (for Kindle). The Ultimate Survival Shelter Bundle includes our top-rated Life Tent Survival Shelter.plus. Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag to keep you warm, dry, and alive in an emergency. So whether you are stuck in your car during a winter storm, lost on a hiking or hunting trip, stranded outside,. Each Bundle comes with two shelter halves (now a shelter whole) and three pole & stake sets. This healthy serving should provide a introduction into NVA shelter building. The shelter half dates from early Tsarist Russia. On first glance, it's an odd tarp-looking piece, but to call it such would hardly do it justice. Outdoor Canvas Tent Shelter Bundle Storage Floor Frame Camp Cabin 10' x 12' New. This Outdoor Canvas Tent Shelter creates a warm, dry Base Camp safe against all the trials of nature untamed. The same design used by many professional outfitters to keep their hunters running on all cylinders it's an outfitter's wilderness sanctuary!

Compare the quality of our shelters vs our competitors
Shelter Bundle
Ron does a fair and honest comparison showing the standard way ATLAS Survival Shelters builds its bunkers compared to the competitors bunkers and their standard way of doing their shelter.
Ron explains the differences between round shelters & square shelters, and also does a comparison between ATLAS & the competitor.
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Atlas Survival Shelters, Inc.
Our world headquarters is located just an hour east of Dallas, Texas. This plant manufactures shelters with sizes ranging from the affordable BombNado that goes in under new homes being constructed to the popular round culvert pipes which have been around for decades to the Billionaire class poured in place concrete hardened bunkers that cost into the millions.
Atlas Survival Shelters takes pride in finishing out your shelter to the means you are used to living in your home. Any wood materials used in an Atlas Shelter is either a hard wood or kiln-dried to ensure longevity. Making a shelter feel like you’re in the county jail takes away the normality you would need to survive long term underground in a survival shelter.
Atlas Survival Shelters has hundreds of dealers worldwide and every one of them is factory-trained and certified to install our shelters. We do not know where our shelters are installed, therefore your privacy is guaranteed. WARNING: Be careful of any company who claims to install all their shelters, this means they know where your shelter is located, including their employees.
Atlas Survival Shelters has the largest fallout shelter factory in the world located in Sulphur Springs, Texas. Our 10-acre facility is open to our customers via appointment only. Our friendly sales staff will personally give you a tour of the plant and let you experience the quality & pride in every Atlas Shelter.
We take pride in our finished product. Atlas uses the best Swiss made and Israeli made air systems on the market. Our manual crank will guarantee that even if power is lost you will be able to produce air for your fallout shelter.
The original Atlas Bomb Shelters which was started in Sacramento, California in the 1950’s was a dominate supplier during the Cold War Era and Atlas Survival Shelters as we are known today is the dominate supplier to the world as well as the American market.
  • Best warranty on fallout shelters in the industry
  • Lifetime fallout shelter warranty on welding and 2 years on NBC Air Systems
  • All NBC Air Systems installed in fallout shelters come with manual override
  • All fallout shelter doors are air tight, gas tight, water proof and bullet resistant
  • All fallout shelters are made from 1/4″ – 1/2″ thick steel
  • All fallout shelters have AR500 bullet proof hatches
  • All fallout shelters are made in the USA
  • All fallout shelters are sandblasted with automotive paint on the interiors and coal-tar on the exteriors
  • All fallout shelters and bomb bunkers come with an escape tunnel
  • Certified fallout shelter dealers worldwide
  • 37 years of award-winning service for all our fallout shelters and bomb bunkers
WORLD’S LARGEST Bomb Shelter Factory
ATLAS 10×30 Safe-Cellar – Complete Installation
Lady’s SECRET Bunker In New Mexico With $7,000 of Survival Food
Great Ways To Bury Your GUNS Before They Are Confiscated
ATLAS 10×21 Culvert Shelter – Bunker In My Backyard
ATLAS 10×20 Round Culvert – The Backyard Bunker
ATLAS 10×51 Round Culvert – 8 Person + Huge Master

This is a directory of Shelter’s 2020/2021 information materials available to order.

The 2020/21 editions of our housing cost handbooks are available for immediate dispatch. Printing was delayed slightly in order to fully incorporate the emergency measures introduced to ease people’s plight during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Volume one – The Guide to Universal Credit & Council Tax Rebates

Split Wing Shelter Bundle

Price: £43.50

Sets out the basic qualifying conditions for entitlement to Universal Credit. It also provides a more detailed explanation of the rules around the housing costs element for renters, and the rules for homeowners to quality for a mortgage interest loan.

Volume two – Guide to Housing Benefit

Firewatch free download pc. Price: £43.50

Covers all the rules for housing benefit for rent payments across the UK; with many practical examples and over 80 useful tables for quick reference.

Book bundle: Save 25% when ordering the two books together

Price: £65.25

Shelter Insurance Bundle


Each bundle ordered includes one copy of both volumes of the 2020/21 housing costs handbooks.

Ordering the two books together as a bundle saves 25% on the individual book prices.

Additional copies

Please use the following links to pre-order additional copies:

If you wish to order a different number of copies, please email [email protected]