Rento Fortune: Online Dice Board Game (大富翁) Download Free

One common house rule has players put any money paid to the bank in the center of the board, which jackpot a player may earn by landing on Free Parking. This prevents the game from removing money from play, and since players collect $200 each time they pass Go, this results in ever-increasing bankrolls and players surviving rents that should. PSP2568 - 终极桌面游戏合集 Ultimate Board Game Collection (Empire Interactive)(CN).rar PSP2569 - 地球防卫军2 携带版 Earth Defense Forces 2 Portable (D3 Publisher)(JP).rar PSP2570 - 公主国境 携带版 Princess Frontier Portable (Alchemist)(JP).rar. IOS,高清影视-大片免费天天看,18254848,10,0,0,Free,0,Daily Use IOS,ニュースパス -かんたん操作で必要なニュースがすぐ読めるニュースアプリ,92217344,50,0,0,Free,0,Daily Use. It’s MONOPOLY for a new era! Play the classic game and watch the board come to life! A full 3D city at the center of the board lives and evolves as you play. You own a miniature world that will interact with your progression throughout the game and celebrate your achievements. Play the way you want - you can change the rules and adapt them to your playing style. Take and display photos at.

Rento is online multiplayer monopoly board game.
The game is for 2 to 6 players and you can play it online versus friends, offline versus robots, on same phone with friends or on bluetooth.
You can also invite your facebook friends to play.
In the game you trade lands, build houses, win auctions, go and most importantly - have fun. Your goal is to acquire monopoly and bankrupt the other players. The game has lots of different boards on which you play, custom pawns, custom dice, other settings for different house rules and much more. Read the game rules here

up to 6 players

Rento Fortune: Online Dice Board Game (大富翁) Download Free Play

Game file size:
3.6 GB
Supported Languages:
Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian

Rento Fortune: Online Dice Board Game (大富翁) Download Free Pc

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