A how-to on getting almost all of the achievements in Progressbar95. This guide excludes all pattern based achievements and achievements earned via mastering each OS and upgrading to unlock new skins.

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This guide is organized with the achievements grouped by type. Starting with all does related achievements, followed by achievements only available during regular game play, and finally achievements from special levels and mini games. As stated before, all achievements related to patterns will not be covered in this guide as there is already one available. Other achievements from skin unlocks and OS mastering are also not covered as they are more so just grind achievements than ones that require something other than just playing to trigger. Also, all achievements will pop the next time you finish a level after meeting the requirements, not the moment you do it. Finally, any time I refer to play a normal level, I do not mean on normal difficulty, I mean on one of the regular levels where all you do is collect the segments and the background doesn’t change.

On a side note, the DOS achievements are shown with very basics on how to enter the lines in case someone who plays that games has zero experience with DOS.

Okay, quick crash course in DOS commands if you have zero experience or are unsure of what certain things mean.

The first one you are going to use is DIR. This is short for directory and makes the DOS windows write out all files and folders in the folder you are currently in. For example, when you first open ProgressDOS you will be in C:/. Using DIR will show you folders like Progressbar, Programs, Documents and Bin as well as other folders that a random each time you start the game. there is always one README file in this folder.

The next command will be used whenever you want to move to a new folder, CD. It means change directory and to use it you would type:


Going back a level in DOS is easy, just type:


This sends you back up to the parent folder for the one you are currently in.

Now that you know how to move around in DOS, I’m going to give you a tip for not getting lost because once you start getting really deep into the folders its easy to forget where you have already been. Using the RMDIR command followed by a folder name deletes that folder after you confirm with Y (it literally means remove directory). Do this only after you have fully gone through the folder you are deleting otherwise you could miss out on bonuses.

Similar to the RMDIR command, DEL is almost the same except it is used for .txt and .exe files.

This is the bare minimum of commands for DOS that you will be using and will be more than enough to get you through the maze of files and folders in ProgressDOS.

First off, the moment you launch the game there is a screen that appears just before the OS select screen. On it you will find a line labelled SYSCODE followed by a 3 digit code. Remember it as it only appears on screen for a moment and if you miss it you will have to RESTART to make the screen appear again.

Now open the start menu and click on ProgressDOS. Type in the following lines, hitting enter at the end of each line:


You will be prompted to enter the code that you remembered. Hit enter and get you bonus.

First off type:


This will swap the background and text color to reveal a hidden code in the top right corner.

Now navigate to C:/PROGRESSBAR and enter COLORCODE. Enter the hidden code and receive your bonus.

For Garbage Recursion, we are going to do a bit of inception. Open ProgressDOS and simply type:


You will be prompted whether you are sure, hit Y and BIN will be deleted, making the command window read out on repeat BIN INSIDE BIN…

To fix the fact you are now locked out of ProgressDOS, just close the window and reopen it.

Now we get to do the one thing you should never do to your actual computer, delete system32. Navigate to C:/Progressbar and type:

Tabletop simulator download. RMDIR SYSTEM32

You will be prompted a number of different things like “Are you the Admin?” and “Are you sure?”. Enter Y for yes but be careful because the last one needs to be entered as N or else it will cancel the deletion.

The system will begin the process of deleting itself and will proceed to try to boot back up. You when then be met with a screen stating:

Progressbar95 mod

Progressbar system not found…

[ Restore system ]

Click Restore system and continue clicking on TAP until the system is fully restored and than the system will launch as normal.

A side effect of this is that after you have played a couple normal levels a pop-up will appear from System32 about having been deleted. You will have to wait a few seconds before you are able to close this pop-up.

There are 3 different achievements for a DOS bonus, 2 of which require some work. The first and easiest one is just to get a bonus in DOS. This can be from a BONUS.EXE, EASTEREGG.EXE or doing almost anything within DOS.

If you does this with EASTEREGG.EXE you will also get the Easter Egg achievement.

The other two achievements, 10,000 and 50,00 points in DOS will require you to go through as much of the files and folders as you can and, in the case of the 50,000 achievement, hope there was enough for you to get enough points. Go through every folder you find and use every bonus and Easter egg and if you are willing to risk it, UNKNOWN.EXE. The thing with the unknowns are is that sometimes they give you nothing.

And sometimes they “crash” the system, resulting in a reboot and a lost life. So be careful.

And also still, they can give you a nice bonus.

Progressbar95 fandom

One last thing before we go on to the next section. During your digging for the 50,000 point achievement, you can also grab the DOS Digger achievement for going 5 levels or more deep into the folders. Like in the picture below.

This one is simple and there is actually two ways to get it. The first and most common one is that while you are digging around in DOS, you will come across a text file named CHEATS.TXT. Just go ahead and enter the command:


And you will get the achievement.

The other way to get this achievement is when playing a normal level, sometimes a cheats text file can appear on the desktop. Drag it over to Bin to delete it, just make sure Bin is awake first.

This one will pop up quite frequently while you are messing around in DOS. You go to enter a folder and are met with prompt telling you the directory is encrypted. You will have to enter HEX and you will be given a square of paired numbers and letters. These squares can be 4X4 or as big as 7X7. To unlock the folder and get your achievement, find the letter/number pair that is repeated 5 times in the square you are given.

If you aren’t able to guess it before the text line pushes it out of view or the numbers just seem to blend together, you can get a new set by entering HEX again.

To close off the DOS related achievements we have Lorem Ipsum, probably the most annoying one in my opinion. To get this one you will have to read every single README.TXT file you come across until you come across one like seen below. Be warned this can take quite awhile because the of chance it has of “spawning”. I have had a couple cases where I just didn’t find one and actually had to close out the game and reopen it just to get a screenshot for this guide.

Now, that looks like a bunch of gibberish doesn’t it? While the only thing you have to worry about are the three words at the bottom. These, if you don’t recognize any of them, are numbers in latin. Here’s a quick reference for the translation.

1 – UNUS
2 – DUO
3 – TRES
6 – SEX
8 – OCTO

Now that you have your numbers, navigate back to C:/ and enter:


You are now able to enter those translated numbers and get the bonus.

For Lady Bug, the easiest way I have found is by going around an opening the settings menu and browsing around. Literally any new screen can trigger it. When it happens, a small lady bug will appear on the screen. Just click on it and than Report to make sure you get it.
This one you can only get while playing a normal level. Sometimes while playing a ball will appear and you can bounce it off of the progress bar. Each bounce is also worth an bonus 10 points so try an see how much you can bounce it.
Dead Pixel is a tricky one to catch if you aren’t paying attention. When it appears, a small spot on your screen will appear to flash different colors. Simply click the spot and you will get the achievement.
While playing a normal level, sometimes a dog can appear going across the bottom of the screen. Its speed varies so you might have to be quick. Click the button in the dog’s speak bubble and you will get a bonus and the achievement.

Progressbar95 Secrets

For scan progress, you’re going to need to catch a red segment, this can be done in any game type. This will take you to a blue screen with the option to use CHKPROGRESS if the timer has run down to activate it. It’s best if you play a few levels first so you know its ready or you can just wait for the timer to run down and use it. Now you will have to mash the space bar and fill up your side of the bar before the error side is full. Once done successfully, you will brought back to your game and can finish the level.
Whenever you go to start a level, at the top of the screen you will see three challenges. The vary in what they are. For checklist, simply complete all of the challenges and when you complete an additional level after finishing them, you should get the achievement. You always get the bonus for completing the challenge for the next level you play, not the level you complete it on.

Progressbar95 Hex

The easiest and most daunting achievements.

Progressbar95 Mod

You probably got First Achievement already by accident. If you don’t have it, you have you collect points and those points will go towards an new upgrade which are needed to collect new skins.

For Strong Sufferance I have an amazing trick. Play in hardcore on level 1. That’s it. The thing with how the levels work is the higher you go the harder they are and in hard mode, the more pop-ups that appear. So on level 1 you have the best chance of getting the achievement. Just grab any and all blues and oranges to finish the level as soon as possible if you want to get it over with quickly.

Progressbar95 Download

There are three additional game types you can play in addition the regular mode. Progress Sweeper, Progresstein3d and Progress Defender. Not all of these are available until you unlock other skins. They can be found directly below the difficulty select. After playing a game mode you will get the achievement for the mode.

Progress Sweeper
Similar to minesweeper but with a twist. Instead of mines you have to avoid, there are tiles that are colored blue, orange and red. If you’re not that good at minesweeper, I suggest you focus on avoiding the reds and don’t worry about getting a perfection.

A play on Wolfenstein 3D, you drag the screen left and right avoiding obstacles and enemies. Space bar can be used to fire your weapon to take out mines, enemies and pop-ups that block your way.

Progressbar 95 Cheats

Progress Defender
In this mode you can use segments to purchase different items and add security. These include firewalls, antivirus and generators.

The first time you play these modes there will be a tutorial. Pay attention to them and you should have no problems.

These two special levels will happen every few levels. Once you get one, keep playing levels and the other should trigger. They can only happen when you play the normal game mode though.

3D Space


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