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The film’s setup has a nice energy to it. We meet the Dream Team one at a time: Billy (Michael Keaton), fast-talking, jazzed-up and possibly violent; Henry (Christopher Lloyd), professorial and obsessive-compulsive; Jack (Peter Boyle), who has messianic tendencies, and Albert (Stephen Furst), who doesn’t talk to people. Separately, they’re not able to function in society (although the Keaton character is no crazier than numbers of my friends). But together, they seem to forge a composite personality, each one contributing according to his abilities and taking according to his needs.

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Dennis Boutsikaris plays the psychiatrist who has all four men in his encounter group, and it’s his idea to take them all out for a day at the ballpark. They set out in the morning, high in spirits, but their troubles begin when Albert develops a desperate need to answer a call of nature. The doctor pulls into a gas station, Albert runs into an alley, the doctor follows and inadvertently witnesses a murder. He’s knocked senseless and later taken to a hospital, and the four patients are left to their own devices.

It’s at this point that the movie takes a fatal turn toward the conventional. An ambitious, daring film would have seriously asked itself what might happen next. What experiences and adventures might these four men really have? Gremlins, inc. download free. And then it would follow them, together or separately, down the byways of city life, as each encountered reality through his own special sieve.

“The Dream Team” is not ambitious and daring, unfortunately, and so it plugs us into a preassembled murder plot involving some bad cops.


Jayceon Terrell Taylor, performing under the pseudonym The Game was born in 1979 in Los Angeles. The family of the future performer proved to be not of the close-knit kind, and parents of The Game divided. For a while Jayceon lived at foster-parents’ place in the suburbs of Los Angeles, but when he was thirteen years old, his mother got the guardianship, so The Game moved with her to Compton. There the very environment predetermined the young man’s destiny. The neighborhood was controlled by the gang Crips, and his parents were members of it, as the musician once stated. However the future rapper became one of the Bloods, another gang. Pretty soon he was involved into the drug traffic, and because of one bad deal he was taken to the hospital – he got five gunshot wounds. The Game had been in coma for three days and after that he started to think of his lifestyle in general. After all he decided to try his strength and luck in the hip-hop industry.

So, the musician made his mind up to conquer the musical Olympia, and in 2002 he began making a name to himself by presenting his first mixtape titled You Know What It Is Vol. 1. Soon after that the artist was offered a contract with Aftermath label by Dr. Dre. Such a beginning of a career is at least impressive, however before The Game released his debut album at that label, he already worked with the independent label Get Low Recordz. Thus, in 2004 the rapper issued a record Untold Story, and in a year he introduced his major label debut work - The Documentary (2005). That long play became a real breakthrough for the musician: first places in charts, including Billboard 200, chart of hip-hop and R’n’B albums of Billboard and many others. The Documentary got the double platinum status in the USA, and that fact proved the highest music lovers’ interest to The Game’s creativity.

The rapper’s following studio attempt Doctor's Advocate saw the light in 2006 and it repeated the success of its predecessor by peaking at number one in Billboard 200. Let's Ride, Wouldn't Get Far and other compositions became hits, while the number of the artist’s fans increased. Well, the next album LAX (2008) managed to get only the second line in the chart, which is of course a great result. But The Game is used to make albums in the highest possible level, without compromises. Thereby in 2009 he began working really hard on the new long play. Many famous performers took part in the creation of that studio attempt, so it not a surprise that the result proved to be amazing indeed. Moreover, The R.E.D. Album. turned out to be one of the strongest records of the artist. That album was released in 2011 and it became a logical continuation of The Game’s career. He remained faithful to his style, to the great joy of the fans. It is a good thing to know that gangsta-rap is still strong, in spite of the R’n’B getting more popular. Definitely, The R.E.D. Album is among the freshest examples of how the real hip-hop should sound like.

Over The Dream Download Free

Studio Albums

The R.E.D. Album
One of the brightest representatives of the hip-hop industry The Game released his new studio album. The long play The R.E.D. Album proved to be immense indeed – listeners will get more than an hour of real rap
The US rapper The Game issued his third and, possibly, the last album LAX. This brilliant disc features tracks about his life, his part in the war between the South Coast and the West Coast and other things

Over The Dream Download Torrent

Doctor's Advocate
The Game has proved to all his numerous rivals in practice that he is entirely able to make his music without anyone's patronage. Despite the pessimistic prognoses his new album Doctor's Advocate seems to be able to increase The Game's popularity
The Documentary
After many years of the West not having a voice in the music industry, here comes this rapper out of Compton named The Game who is putting the weight on his shoulders to put the West Coast back on the hip-hop scene. The Documentary resurrects

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