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Naruto: Ninja Way is a fighting platformer that is built on the famous manga series. In this game you will be playing as Naruto and many other characters in multiple game modes. There are no adventure and mission modes available but you will be able to kick ass in ‘Duel’, ‘Endurance’ and ‘Great Clash’.

Too good for such a tiny window

Naruto: Ninja Way has been around for a rather large number of years and in the time since its release, it has received little to no attention. So, playing it today, you'll probably be disappointed by the lack of a full screen option. By default, the game runs in a very small window compared to today's resolutions which makes the characters way too small to be able to perfectly enjoy the game.
It’s still a nice experience but it can be tiring to play a Great Clash match in which you fight against three CPUs, barely making sense of what’s going on.

Simple controls and very dynamic

If you’re willing to get passed the small playing surface, Naruto: Ninja Way won’t disappoint. You get to play Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Rock Lee and others, each depicted with their unique set of skills.
As far as controls go, you have a small number of keys which you’ll be using and they can be configured to suit your style and since Naruto: Ninja Way comes with both singleplayer and multiplayer modes that’s more than welcome.
Compared to other fighting games, Naruto: Ninja Way is really fast when it comes to character on-screen motion and moves. Response time between your keyboard commands and game delivery is instant so you need a bit of practice to hit every key exactly how you want in order to obtain some great combos.

A fun game for all ages

To sum things up, Naruto: Ninja Way has its fair share of setbacks but if you’re looking for a fun fighting platformer to pass some time, then you can definitely try this one.
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Ninja Download Windows

A cartoony fighting game with surprising response controls.

  1. N: Way of the Ninja is by Mare Sheppard & Raigan Burns. This online Flash version is hosted at CurrentLab for educational purposes.
  2. Download Game Naruto: Ninja Way 9 gratis: Naruto adalah seri manga yang ditulis dan diilustrasikan oleh Masashi Kishimoto.
  3. Apr 15, 2017 Download Naruto: Ninja Way free game for windows. Naruto: Ninja Way is a Other game by Geou with size 9.04 MB and works above Windows 7.
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Download Game PC Naruto The Way Of The Ninja. By Hienzo October 8, 2012 21 Comments. Masih seputar game PC naruto yang akan saya share, dikarenakan.

Naruto The Way Of The Ninja is a fighting game you can play on your PC. It has a classic arcade feel, and it was made and produced originally for the Japanese market. It is very easy to play, though it does rise above games where all you have to do is smash the buttons. There is a little bit of skill involved, but what makes the game playable is twofold. The first reason is how responsive the controls are, and the second is the unexpected amount of moves you can pull off.

The Number Of Moves You Can Pull Off

When you first start playing the game you may be unimpressed by how many fighting moves you can pull off, but if you learn how to do combinations, then you add something new to the game. Once you start getting two to five combos you are on the right track, but if you work hard, you can start getting serious amounts of combo hits. There are people on YouTube that have combo-hit scores of 29 hits in one flurry.

Ninja Way Download Free

How Responsive The Controls Are

You can fight very quickly when playing Naruto The Way Of The Ninja. You tap a button and your player pulls off the move in as long as it takes you to move your finger from the button. As a result, two players that know what they are doing can have a very quick and frenzied fight. Many fighting games make the controls less responsive so that people can pull off special moves through pressing a combination of buttons. This game hasn’t slowed the controls or reactions in any way.

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Will I Enjoy The Game?

Yes, for a short while you will enjoy the game quite a bit, especially if you start learning how to pull off combinations and such. Sokpop season 7. What may bother you is the fact that the game doesn’t offer much repeat playability. Once you have mastered the game, there is really no reason to return to it. If you are playing it with friends, then it may have some replay value, otherwise it is just a fun jaunt for a little while to kill some time.


  • Very responsive controls
  • Easy to learn and get the hang of
  • Pace the fight at whatever speed you wish
  • A colourful and bright gaming experience
  • Combos make the game more engaging

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Download Ninja Games For Pc


Naruto Ninja Way V9 Download

  • The 2D graphics are a little too old for some people
  • Some gamers will not appreciate the vintage arcade feel
  • After a while you will tire of it and never return