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It’s been a while since Motorsport Manager was released in 2016 however it still stands as a great Motorsport manager simulator and for this reason I’m going to share some tips that have helped me to get more podiums and advance through the leagues.

Motorsport Manager

Manager Tips

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Motorsport Manager
  1. When picking your season target be ambitious in order to get the extra money but make sure it is attainable or you could risk losing your managerial position.
  2. In the first couple of season’s concentrate on designing car parts in order to catch up with the rest of the competition.
  3. Nearing the end of the season stop production of car parts and focus on saving for HQ upgrades and next years car.
  4. Make sure your factory is constantly upgrading your car parts. Focus on reliability at first until they are above 85% then start making the switch to improving performance.
  5. At the end of the season it can be worth it to produce car parts with high risk as these stats will then be carried over to the next season without the risk element.
  6. Only the car parts performance is carried over, reliability and additional attributes are wiped.
  7. When looking for drivers try to go for young and unemployed people as they tend to be a lot cheaper, same goes for mechanics and designers.
  8. With fixed payment sponsors always go for the ones with the highest overall payment, avoid sponsorship’s with one-time payments as these tend to give less money in the long run.
  9. When picking suppliers for your chassis at the start of the season concentrate more on tyre wear, fuel efficiency and tyre heating.
  10. If your struggling for money don’t be afraid to pick up a pay driver, they pay you for each race you put them in. If they are not up to standard just use them in practice and you will receive half the amount they offer.

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Practice Tips

  1. Send your driver out for one lap at a time until you are able to get a setup at least above 95%, 100% is preferable.
  2. After you have a high setup rating send your driver out for as many laps as possible until practice session ends in order to improve race trim knowledge that can be used to increase performance in the race.
  3. Use the type slick tyres that you plan to use most in the race, this will enable you to build knowledge which can be used in the race.
  4. Tracks have a similar setup for each season so it may be worth noting your setup from the previous year in order to get a head start on tweaking.
  5. If weight stripping is allowed then do it during practice as you do not lose reliability throughout practice and qualifying. Parts that are crucial weight strip down to 85% reliability and others down to 80%, this will prevent the need for repair mid-race.

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Racing Tips

  1. If starting at the back use a harder tyre compound, this is more efficient as you will spend less time trying to get past opponents and will be able to stay out longer.
  2. Make sure you use all of your fuel and get to just above 25% tyre wear before you decide to pit.
  3. Keep an eye on the weather panel as you may get caught off guard meaning you won’t be able to get the maximum use out of your tyres and fuel.
  4. Only fill your fuel tank to the amount you will need for the tyres you have put on. Excess fuel will weigh you down making you slower.
  5. Your car will be faster with more fuel but in overtake mode so take that into account when filling the fuel tank, the fuel usage is as follows:
    Low – 0.9 Per Lap
    Medium – 1 Per Lap
    High – 1.1 Per Lap
    Overtake – 1.3 Per Lap
    However be wary of the engine condition loss when running on overtake you will lose reliability at a much faster rate.
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Motorsport Manager Tips

Thanks for reading my article, if you have any other suggestions or tips that I can add then comment below!