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MAGMASOFT® standard has a modular structure and contains the following functionalities for a comprehensive simulation: Girls like robots download torrent.

  • A common graphical user interface for all modules
  • A project management perspective for handling of simulation and optimization projects
  • Parametric Solid Modeling of geometries using a CAD kernel as well as import and export of CAD data
  • Automatic meshing of geometries for the simulation
  • Comprehensive process mapping with direct access to all materials, process steps and the corresponding simulation settings
  • Definition of virtual designs and parameters for optimization runs
  • Simulation programs for the calculation of mold filling, solidification, cooling and serial casting applications
  • Interactive and automatic result evaluation: Several perspectives can be opened and edited at the same time
  • Result perspective for comprehensive visualization and evaluation of simulation results
  • Easy quantitative assessment of virtual Design of Experiments or optimization runs
  • Database module to manage thermo-physical and other relevant process data required for simulation

MAGMASOFT® is modularly expandable

Magmatic Bundle Download Free Version

MAGMASOFT® can easily be linked to additional modules for specific processes, materials or quality aspects.

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MAGMAiron, MAGMAsteel, MAGMAnonferrous
Material-specific modules allow the prediction of microstructures and properties and consider alloys and metallurgy.

MAGMAhpdc, MAGMAlpdc, MAGMApermanent mold, MAGMAwheel, MAGMAinvestment casting
Process modules allow the consideration of specific process requirements and to control the manufacturing process.

MAGMAc+m (core and mold), MAGMAdielife
Products and functionalities for the prediction of core shooting, gassing, and purging and the assessment of die life aid in making the best use of available knowledge.

MAGMA HT thermal, MAGMAstress, MAGMAlink, MAGMAdielife
Modules for simulating stresses of the component after casting, heat treatment, or machining and the exchange of information based on simulation results, assures the design of cast parts for their performance.