MADNESS: Project Nexus Soundtrack

1. If you want to show me a scene you made, PM me it! Please don't post a link to it in your review, as it's against site rules and will be deleted!
2. I no longer have either Flash or the game's .fla file, and I cannot add any further features. Thank you for understanding.

Yep! It's finally done! It's taken a while, but here it is: using a plethora of items and functions, create even moar Madness scenes that ever before!

MADNESS: Project Nexus Soundtrack

The controls are listed in the loading screen, but they're a bit hard to see, so just in case:
*Hold Left/Right and click to rotate
*Hold Up/Down and click to resize
*Hold Shift and click to flip
*Hold Space and click to layer


Madness Combat Project Nexus Soundtrack

The main improvements:
*Parts can be flipped and resized, and the rotation is even finer than before
*Both the game and music now loop infinitely
*A tutorial during the preloader so you can try out the controls (wanted to do that for a long time)
*Sanford, Deimos, the Auditor and ATP agents all make their debut, as well as alternate versions of Hank, Tricky and Jebus
*At least double the weapons included in previous instalments, including the bazooka and minigun

Known bugs:
*The mute button doesn't work
*There may be some layering issues

Madness Project Nexus soundtracks. History Talk (0) Share. Episode 1 Main Menu Catastrophy - Cheshyre 1-A Jail The Day Before - Cheshyre 1-B Armory. Cheshyre is also the creator for most of the soundtrack of Madness: Project Nexus which includes songs like Nuclear Mutation, Duck and Cover, and Fight or Flight. As of the 1.7 update he is also a non-playable character in the Arena Combat Mode of Project Nexus, available for purchase as a squadmate. Contributing Music. Madness Combat 3: Avenger. Buy the PN1 Soundtrack and more of cheshyres work HERE: https://cheshyre.bandcamp.com/.

1. The preloader image is courtesy of gasattack23.
2. As always, I appreciate feedback, so leave suggestions, rate and review! Send me your screenshots as well (again, via PMs, not in your reviews)
3. A massive thank you to everyone who helped out during the beta and before that. I'd name the specific people who helped out the most but then other people would ask, 'What about me?' So thanks to all of you.
4. Please don't complain about the mute button. Turn your speakers off if the music annoys you that much.
5. I won't be making another scene creator for a while now. I will be compiling a to-do list for an MSC6, but don't expect me to start working on it any time soon. I have other things to worry about.

Anyway, enjoy! ^^

[EDIT ToastedToastyToast 1/3/2012] : Hey toastedtoastytoast here. Thanks to NG's new system I can also edit stuff here. Unfortunately I havent been able to be online in a while.

I have got to say a massive thanks to F1Krazy, he was extremely patient when my personal problems got in the way of this game, it was delayed on an epic scale originally due out 22nd September last year. He is also the magic behind this game. All I did was make the engine, so give him a great big pat on the back.

Madness Project Nexus 2 Free

I'm working on the mute button thing as we speak.