Just Shapes & Beats - Monstercat Track Selection Download Free

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Just Shapes & Beats - Monstercat Track Selection Download Free

Comment by ruthlesstuba

the beggining is like the beggining

Comment by ruthlesstuba

@user-449014749 no its a frog

Just Shapes & Beats - Monstercat Track Selection Download Free Download

Comment by ruthlesstuba

@muneyuki-yokota-523088227 no its fortnite

Comment by Brayden Sayles

Beginning it’s like ancient Egypt

Comment by nagoshi1234

@mr-skullque: just shapes and beatsです

Comment by Estela Balderas

speed run,me:well gonna add this to play for speed music.

Comment by Torcher


Comment by erixo gameplays

who of jsab

Comment by Shucks

o no

Comment by NoneOfYourBeeswax

This song is called barracuda, but it reminds me of snakes and triangles. GEE I WONDER WHY

Comment by nagoshi1234

just shapes and beats pyramid

Comment by TheRazirBlade

Oh shit all right my man

Comment by D o g g o

@Smartskull JK its both

Comment by D o g g o


Comment by Shucks

@user-99800593: oh shit

Comment by F1tzjohn


Comment by User 99800593

Jsab gang where you at!? XD

Comment by Kitty_kat6

Just Shapes & Beats - Monstercat Track Selection Download Free Pc

@cris-vieira-568267868: nope just shapes and beats cause there is shapes and beats

Comment by Kitty_kat6

@user-990967721: jsab not gsab

Comment by Kitty_kat6

It’s from just shapes and beats @user-990967721:

Comment by Kitty_kat6


@user-434650217: it’s just shapes and beats

Comment by LeLnightmarefoxyLeL Idek

@jordan-atalla: YES

Comment by LeLnightmarefoxyLeL Idek

@benjamin-rowland-60494938: YEEEEEESSSSSSSSS

Just Shapes & Beats - Monstercat Track Selection Download Free Version

Comment by LeLnightmarefoxyLeL Idek

@jillian-garrett-901093458: Me!

Comment by LeLnightmarefoxyLeL Idek

@jessica-barron-213464716: agreed

Comment by LeLnightmarefoxyLeL Idek

@deshawn-fields-687738570: no its from just shapes and beats

Comment by LeLnightmarefoxyLeL Idek

i have the best headphones ever for this song

Comment by Leon YT

Just Shapes & Beats - Monstercat Track Selection download free. full

Rock N Roll

Comment by insecure old man

@mr-skullque honestly you hella wrong, it’s just shapes and beats.

Comment by LeLnightmarefoxyLeL Idek

@mr-skullque: no just shapes and beats

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Just Shapes & Beats
Developer(s)Berzerk Studio
Publisher(s)Berzerk Studio
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Stadia
ReleaseMay 31, 2018
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Just Shapes & Beats is an actionrhythmvideo game developed and published by Canadian[1] indie team Berzerk Studio. It was released on May 31, 2018 for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch, February 24, 2019 for macOS and Linux, May 10, 2019 for PlayStation 4 in the US, and May 30, 2019 for PlayStation 4 in Europe, Russia and Australia. It was also released on June 30, 2020 for Stadia. In this game, players move a colorful shape to the beat of background music and dodge pink shapes.


Up to four players each control one small shape, surviving attacks simply by dodging against a variety of attacks, such as huge beams, bouncing hills, snake-like spirals, and pulsating shapes. These attacks appear, move, and attack in rhythm to the music, with difficulty increasing the further players progress.[2]

The rhythm visually manifests on-screen as all manner of objects, of different patterns and sizes, distinguishable by their pink color, that must be dodged until the track ends. Getting struck by one of these attacks causes the player to lose part of their shape, represented by either a cyan square, a yellow triangle, a green pentagon or an orange circle, if there are multiple players. If the shape breaks entirely, the game rewinds to the previous checkpoint. Three breaks within a single level results in a Game Over screen, with the text stating 'It's Over' and the cyan square breaking down to pieces. Tapping Enter (PC/Steam), A (Switch), or the Cross button (PS4) multiple times causes the square to fix itself and changes the screen's text to read 'It's NOT Over', allowing the player to continue from the beginning of the level.

Hardcore mode was added in 2019, which adds the harder versions of all available levels.[2]

Just Shapes & Beats offers multiple modes that feature variations on the basic gameplay, such as party mode, playlist, challenge run, and a story mode.


The first demo of the game was revealed at PAX 2016 and was supposed to be released that summer. During the event, release date was delayed from late 2016 to early 2017.[3] The game was eventually delayed again, with a launch date of summer 2018. On March 20, 2018, it was announced that the game would also receive a release on the Nintendo Switch.[4][5]


Aggregate score
Metacritic(NS) 83/100[6]
Review scores
Nintendo Life[7]
Nintendo World Report9/10[8]

On review aggregator Metacritic, Just Shapes & Beats has received 83/100, indicating 'generally favorable reviews.'[6]


  • PAX Prime, 2014
    • Indie Megabooth Alumni
  • PAX East, 2015
    • Indie Megabooth Alumni
    • SideQuesting Team Choice Award
    • Destructoid Best of PAX
  • Golden Joystick Awards, 2018[10][11]
    • Best Audio Design
    • Best Indie Game
  • Independent Games Festival Awards[12], 2018
    • Excellence in Visual Art


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