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Are you playing Forgotten Hill: Fall and are stuck on some puzzles? You cannot or don’t wanto to watch a Walkthrough Video? Or maybe you want to understand how some riddles are supposed to be solved and not just copy what someone else is doing in a video?

So here’s for you a complete guide to Forgotten Hill: Fall. Enjoy!

Take lighter and key and open the door.

Take candle , knife cheese in the frezer and cod fish.

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  2. Forgotten Hill- Mementos - Mischief Night Part 1 (iOS & Android Version ) - Duration: 10:13. Suzie's Great Escapes 11,953 views. Forgotten Hill: Surgery - Walkthrough - Duration: 18:15.

Horror on the Hill Bundle (Conversion Guide + Map Pack) B5 Horror on the Hill (5th edition D&D Conversion Guide + Map Packs) In 1983, TSR published the module named “The Horror on the Hill” with the module code “B5”. It was written by Douglas Niles and had cover art by Jim Roslof. Official Cypress Hill t-shirts, hats, CDs and rare merchandise. Shipped from Los Angeles, CA. Legit apparel only. Forgotten Hill Disillusion, the 4th chapter of Forgotten Hill main story, is a first-person point and click game with a horror and grotesque atmosphere, focused on solving puzzles and riddles in order to discover the secrets of the disturbing town of Forgotten Hill.

It reflects the picture with bugs (6 legs) and spiders (8 legs) in the library.
Click on the little buttons in order to have the same sequence.

Take the screwdriver, the poison and the dead frog

Take the picture’s piece and the red book on the second to last shelf.

If you touch the spider you will die. Use the knife on it to achieve the heart jewel

Masks have 3 different positions, notice the blood symbol on the wall. The same symbol is on the first shelf
on the library. Place the masks in the same sequence as the books on that shelf (UP-DOWN-UP-MIDDLE-MIDDLE)
to open the secret drawer and take the picture’s piece.

Take note of colors and symbols on the little cubes all around the house:

Blood = the red face of the cube in the masks room, cross
Dark = black face of the cube in the hallway, circle
Grass = green face of the cube in the Lab, hourglass
Sky = Blue face of the cube in the library, square with circle inside

Behind the red book in the library there’s a sequence of symbols carved in the wood.
Slime rancher: original soundtrack download. Use this sequence for the smiles on the door. (UP – RIGHT – DOWN – LEFT)

The ghost needs her teddy bear (Willy) she will kill you if you don’t give Willy to her.

Place the candle found in the kitchen drawer and the one in kid’s room on the candlesticks.
Light them with the lighter. Place the heart jewel found behind spike on the Crucifix.
The cross will move up and you will find the key to the Graveyard.



Forgotten Hill Online

Place the horn found in the crypt on the deer’s head and take the ring in its mouth.

Solve the puzzles on the tombstones, a hand will come up from the ground.
Put the ring on the hand and take the picture’s piece.

Explore the grass to find a toy’s key

Wind up the toy train in kid’s room with the toy key and take the picture’s piece when the lullaby ends.

Forgotten Hill Bundle Book

Place the 4 pieces inside the frame and take Willy

Give Willy to the ghost child so she will allow you to explore the room.
Take the fuse in the wall, put the cheese found in the freezer on the plate in front of the mouse-hole.
Put the poison found in the lab on the cheese and leave the room. Come back and collect the dead mouse.

Forgotten Hill Bundle Codes

Read the rhyme in the book and follow that pattern:
hang the frog, than skip one hanger, hang the mouse and leave the last hanger empty.
Take the jewel inside the clown’s mouth and put it on the statue in the basement’s wall.

Use the screwdriver found in the lab and open the switchboard in the hallway. Place the fuse.
Now you can turn on lights.

Forgotten Hill Bundle One

Turn on the E-Adder and put the COD inside. You will receive a CODE.


Use the code (7428) on the right part of the mechanism.
The roman numerals stay for the first number of the bar, so in the second bar numbers starts from 3, so it is [3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,1,2], the third one starting from 5 is [5,6,7,8,9,0,1,2,3,4] and the last one is [6,7,8,9,0,1,2,3,4,5].
Use the symbols found on the celtic cross in the graveyard on the left engine to unlock the door.

The werewolf will kill you if you escape the house without wearing the Silver Cross.

You will find the Silver Cross under the altar in the Crypt if you turn on the light.
Leave the house after collecting the cross to successfully escape


Forgotten Hill Games


Forgotten Hill: Disillusion is a cleverly crafted point and click puzzle adventure with lots of interesting lore to unearth as you explore a creepy old museum in a town where bad things happen.

Currently in development by FM Studio, Forgotten Hill: Disillusion is the fourth main installment of the Forgotten Hill franchise and takes place a year after you escaped in the last one. Your character is still traumatised by the events though and has returned to Forgotten Hill in search of answers – where better place to start than the Forgotten Hill Museum and Library?

The demo build of Forgotten Hill: Disillusion takes around 30 minutes to an hour to play through and sees you searching for clues and solving puzzles as you explore the Historical Library section of the building. There’s also lots of interesting lore to find that helps flesh out the world of Forgotten Hill and the people within it (some of which you’ll remember from previous games).

It’s a very promising game that impresses with its inventive and logical puzzles, excellent artwork, a rich lore, an eerie atmosphere and lots of great little details and secrets to discover (particularly once you’ve unlocked the camera). A creepy and cerebral museum adventure you won’t regret paying a visit to. Highly recommended.

Forgotten Hill Library

Download The Forgotten Hill: Disillusion Beta Demo Here (Steam)