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Fishing North Atlantic is the definition of a slow burner, and it’s going to appeal to those who like to follow the rules and want an authentic experience. While there is a fast travel option, you have to have visited the place before you can make use of it, but once you have, chances are you’ll use it unless you’re single and have all. 1) Run Fishing: North Atlantic. 2) Open Task Manager CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. 3) Switch it to the More details view if required using the “More details” link in the bottom right corner. 4) Switch to the “Details” tab. 5) Right click “Fishing: North Atlantic.exe” on the list - “Set priority” - “High”. OPTIMIZE NVIDIA SETTINGS. The foundation of our business is the seafood in the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. Cluck yegger in escape from the planet of the poultroid download free. Our factories are supplied by our own fishing vessels, as well as by local fishermen, on a daily basis. Royal Greenland is deeply rooted in fisheries throughout the Northern seas, with both our own vessels and collaboration with an extensive network of. Home New Guides Fishing: North Atlantic – Fishing Guide (Specs & Locations) Just a quick reference for specs, purchase locations. And riggings/type for all of the ships in the game, plus maps with ship unlock locations and landmarks. Also some short notes, trivia, and/or subjective commentary from me. Can I Run Fishing: North Atlantic. Check the Fishing: North Atlantic system requirements. Test your specs and rate your gaming PC. System requirements Lab runs millions of PC requirements tests on over 6,000 games a month.

Oct 19, 2020

A basic guide to all of the ships available in the game. Just a quick reference for purchase locations. riggings/type, specs for each ship, and maps with ship unlock locations and landmarks. Also some notes, trivia, and/or subjective commentary from me if I have any.

All Ships by Location, with Price (and Type)

Dennis Point
  • Follabuen - $150,000 (Longline)
  • Full Throttle - $975,000 (Harpoon, Deepline)
  • Knots Guilty - $1,150,000 (Crab/Lobster)
  • Legend - $675,000 (Crab/Lobster)
  • Tobie - $35,000 (Longline, Net)

  • Hermes - $19,950,000 (Trawler)
  • No Yankee - $450,000 (Crab/Lobster)
  • Scarlet - $4,950,000 (Snow Crab)

Ingalls Head
  • Fix - $95,000 (Longline, Net)
  • Knots Guilty - $1,150,000 (Crab/Lobster)
  • Vibeke Cathrin - $895,000 (Longline, Net)

  • Ocean Runner - $695,000 (Crab/Lobster, Deepline, Longline, Net)
  • Nova Scotia - $8,895,000 (Snow Crab)
  • Sharky - $115,000 (Longline, Net)
  • Snarset - $550,000 (Longline, Net)

  • Arctic Pioneer - $6,450,000 (Crab/Lobster, Longline, Net)
  • Atlantic Catcher - $29,950,000 (Snow Crab)
  • Lunar Bow - $20,495,000 (Trawler)
  • Sjarken - $85,000 (Longline, Net)

  • Backstabber - $375,000 (Harpoon, Deepline)
  • Borge - $10,000 (Longline, Net)
  • Coastern - $6,550,000 (Snow Crab)
  • Deckster - $12,950,000 (Trawler)
  • Lenore - $295,000 (Crab/Lobster, Deepline, Longline, Net)
  • Mikki - $8,000 (Harpoon, Deepline)
  • Moby D - $1,250,000 (Longline, Net)
  • Selfy - $395,000 (Crab/Lobster, Longline, Net)

All Ships by Type, with Price (and Location)

I've included the maximum deeplines for boats that have that capability, because that information is not included in the in-game descriptions for those ships, for some reason.
Also, all ships that have multiple riggings will have the same maximum number of pots/longlines/deeplines/nets.
  • Knots Guilty - $1,150,000 (Dennis Point, Ingalls Head)
  • No Yankee - $450,000 (Digby)

Crab/Lobster, Longline, Net
  • Arctic Pioneer - $6,450,000 (Lunenburg)
  • Selfy - $395,000 (Yarmouth)

Crab/Lobster, Deepline, Longline, Net
MD = Max deeplines
  • Lenore - $295,000 (Yarmouth) MD 12
  • Ocean Runner - $695,000 (Lockeport) MD 40

Harpoon, Deepline
MD = Max deeplines
  • Backstabber - $375,000 (Yarmouth) MD 12
  • Full Throttle - $975,000 (Dennis Point) MD 12
  • Legend - $675,000 (Dennis Point) MD 10
  • Mikki - $8,000 (Yarmouth) MD 8

  • Fix - $95,000 (Ingalls Head)
  • Follabuen - $150,000 (Dennis Point)

Longline, Net
  • Borge - $10,000 (Yarmouth)
  • Moby D - $1,250,000 (Yarmouth)
  • Sharky - $115,000 (Lockeport)
  • Sjarken - $85,000 (Lunenburg)
  • Snarset - $550,000 (Lockeport)
  • Tobie - $35,000 (Dennis Point)
  • Vibeke Cathrin - $895,000 (Ingalls Head)

Snow Crab
  • Atlantic Catcher - $29,950,000 (Lunenburg)
  • Coastern - $6,550,000 (Yarmouth)
  • Nova Scotia - $8,895,000 (Lockeport)
  • Scarlet - $4,950,000 (Digby)

  • Deckster - $12,950,000 (Yarmouth)
  • Hermes - $19,950,000 (Digby)
  • Lunar Bow - $20,495,000 (Lunenburg)

All Ships

Arctic Pioneer

Purchase in Lunenburg.

Atlantic Catcher

Biggest crab boat in the game. Also by far the most expensive ship in the game.
Purchase in Lunenburg.


Harpoon/deepline. Max deeplines: 12
Purchase in Yarmouth.


Your initial boat from Barents Sea.
At $10,000 it's the cheapest vessel in the game, besides the Mikki (which you already own at the beginning of the game).
Purchase in Yarmouth.


Crab boat, based on the F/V Northwestern from Deadliest Catch.
Purchase in Yarmouth.


Purchase in Yarmouth.


Longline only.
Purchase in Ingalls Head.


Longline only.
Purchase in Dennis Point.

Full Throttle

Harpoon/deepline. Looks slick, but not as fast as it looks like it should be. Max deeplines: 12.
Purchase in Dennis Point.


Top-of-the-line trawler from Barents Sea.
Purchase in Digby.

Knots Guilty

It's a pun! Lobster boat.
Purchase in Ingalls Head. Also can be purchased in Dennis Point. One of these might be a glitch.


Harpoon/deepline. Max deeplines: 10.
Purchase in Dennis Point.


A very versatile boat, but slow. You will struggle to reach 10 knots, even empty. Max deeplines: 12.
Purchase in Yarmouth.

Lunar Bow

Trawler. Longest, heaviest ship in the game.
Purchase in Lunenburg.


Your initial ship. Basic harpoon/deep line boat. Max deeplines: 8.
You own this at the beginning of the game, but if you sell it, it can be purchased again at Yarmouth.

Moby D

Longline/Net. You might need level III or IV radar to unlock this one, or a very small, nimble boat (see maps at end of guide for exact location).
Purchase in Yarmouth.

No Yankee

Lobster boat.
Purchase in Digby.

Nova Scotia

The big crab boat from Barents Sea.

Fishing North Atlantic Wiki

Purchase in Lockeport.

Ocean Runner

Fishing north atlantic xbox
A very versatile boat capable of rigging for crab/lobster, deepline, longline, or net fishing. Max deeplines: 40.Fishing north atlantic money
Purchase in Lockeport.


Crab boat, based on the F/V Saga from Deadliest Catch.
Purchase in Digby.


Crab/Lobster/Longline/Net. Still the fastest vessel in the game.
Purchase in Yarmouth.


Purchase in Lockeport.


Purchase in Lunenburg.


Purchase in Lockeport.

Fishing North Atlantic Xbox


Purchase in Dennis Point.

Vibeke Cathrin

Longline/Net. Has a covered work area. Nice for the crew!
Purchase in Ingalls Head.


Landmarks and ship unlock locations.

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