Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Space Paint Jobs Pack Download Free

System Requirements

  1. Euro Truck Simulator 2 or popularly called ETS2 is a Single-player game and can play Multiplayer if you use the TruckersMP application. This simulator game makes you (player) a driver and owner of a cargo company to deliver goods to several regions and between countries.
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Free Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 Repack PC Game – Experience the typical features of Italy from behind the wheel. Explore roads leading through the Apennines, where tunnels and bridges alternate with scenic vistas and curvy segments, opening the view to distant horizons. Raise your eyes to the sky and marvel at the night sky – Euro Truck Simulator2: Space Paint Jobs Pack brings a touch of extra-terrestrial experience to the game. We have created 6 spacy paint jobs to decorate your trucks, plus 2 brand new cool cabin toys.

CPU:Dual core CPU 3.0 GHz
VGA:graphics card with 1024 MB memory (GeFOrce GTS 450-class equivalent or better)
DX:DirectX 9.0c
OS:Windows 7
HDD:2.0 GB free hard disk space
Euro truck simulator 2 - space paint jobs pack download free pc


Euro truck simulator 2 - space paint jobs pack download free download

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Space Paint Jobs Pack Download Free Windows 10

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 gives you experience in managing the most powerful cars ever to appear on the highway highways and motorways in Europe. You can go all the way – from enthusiast trucker, to the holder of a private transport empire. Customize trucks from scratch, maximum expand your fleet, hire drivers, buy a garage in every town and explore every way – and this is only part of the available options. Official addition Going East! expands gaming spaces.

* Added truck and trailer browsers
* Added support for color balance&saturation tweaks to the photo mode
* Added support for camera roll to the photo mode
* Added cargo group filter to the job selection screens (e.g. in top left corner of the screen). Requires new attributes we added to game_data.sii so if you have a modded version without those attributes, it will not work.
* Added missing straps texture
* Better messages are shown when removable DLC is missing instead of using the message originally intended for MODs
* Enabling news on the profile page using the “Enable news” button will also load them
* Fixed visualization of the initially selected button on the mirrors adjuster
* Fixed speed limits in UK
* Fixed calculation of vehicle bounding box
* Fixed crash in delivery log if city is missing as result of mod removal
* Game will try to fix game time when it is too far behind during game load as the result of use of the MP mod
* Workaround for possible hang in the truck configurator in profile which was broken by the MP mod
* Set cargo weights for AI trailers
* Removed calcium cargo
* Removed reference to non-existing animation
* Updated localization
* Updated credits

* Going East!
* Halloween Paint Jobs Pack
* Ice Cold Paint Jobs Pack
* Force of Nature Paint Jobs Pack
* UK Paint Jobs Pack
* Irish Paint Jobs Pack
* Scottish Paint Jobs Pack
* Metallic Paint Jobs Pack
* Flip Paints Designs Pack
* Brazilian Paint Jobs Pack
* Canadian Paint Jobs Pack
* USA Paint Jobs Pack
* Polish Paint Jobs Pack
* Fantasy Paint Jobs Pack
* High Power Cargo Pack Author RePack’a: Decepticon

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Space Paint Jobs Pack download free. full

Installation instructions:
1. Execute the .exe file.
2. Follow the instructions.
3. Enjoy the program.

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Space Paint Jobs Pack Download Free Pc

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