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The following tracker provides the status of state and territory COVID-19 emergency orders. The purpose of this tracker is to share information about the current status of state COVID-19 emergency orders and information related to types of orders issued, methods of renewal (consecutive or otherwise), and overall duration. The chart includes links to initial emergency orders as well as the most recent/current order in place.


Please note this list may not be exhaustive, information may be out of date, state legislative involvment is not always captured, and not every type of order may be represented. Please see state-specific statutes for more information on emergency orders and applicable renewal requirements. NGA staff will continue to track state emergency orders in response to COVID-19 and update this document. Additional NGA trackers include public health criteria in reopening plans, state actions regarding business reopenings, and state education reopening policies. 911 operator - complete edition download.

State/TerritoryType of OrderInitial
Emergency Order
of Order
of Renewals
Most Recent Emergency OrderEnd Date
AlabamaState of Emergency13-Mar-20Active37-Nov-207-Jan-20
AlaskaPublic Health Emergency9-Mar-20Active116-Nov-202015-Dec-20
American SamoaPublic Health Emergency18-Mar-20Active111-Dec-203-Jan-21
ArizonaPublic Health Emergency11-Mar-20ActiveOngoing
CaliforniaState of Emergency4-Mar-20ActiveOngoing
ColoradoDisaster Emergency10-Mar-20Active1128-Nov-2028-Dec-20
ConnecticutPublic Health Emergency10-Mar-20Active11-Sep-209-Feb-21
DelawareState of Emergency12-Mar-20Active925-Nov-2025-Dec-20
District of ColumbiaPublic Health Emergency11-Mar-20Active67-Oct-2031-Dec-20
FloridaPublic Health Emergency1-Mar-20Active53-Nov-202-Jan-21
GeorgiaPublic Health Emergency14-Mar-20Active91-Dec-208-Jan-21
GuamState of Public Health Emergency14-Mar-20Active930-Nov-2029-Dec-20
HawaiiState of Emergency4-Mar-20Active1116-Nov-2031-Dec-20
IdahoState of Emergency13-Mar-20Active84-Nov-204-Dec-20
IndianaPublic Health Emergency6-Mar-20Active91-Dec-2031-Dec-20
IowaDisaster Emergency17-Mar-20Active910-Nov-2010-Dec-20
KansasState of Disaster Emergency12-Mar-20Active416 Nov 2020, extended by State Finance Council15-Dec-20
KentuckyState of Emergency6-Mar-20Active115-May-20Ongoing
LouisianaPublic Health Emergency11-Mar-20Active1125-Nov-2023-Dec-20
MaineState of Civil Emergency15-Mar-20Active924-Nov-2023-Dec-20
MarylandState of Emergency5-Mar-20Active1125-Nov-2025-Dec-20
MassachusettsState of Emergency10-Mar-20ActiveOngoing
MichiganState of Emergency10-Mar-20N/A729-Sep-2012-Oct-20
MinnesotaPeacetime Emergency13-Mar-20Active812-Nov-2014-Dec-20
MississippiState of Emergency14-Mar-20ActiveOngoing
MissouriState of Emergency13-Mar-20Active211-Jun-2030-Dec-20
MontanaState of Emergency12-Mar-20ActiveOngoing
NebraskaState of Emergency13-Mar-20ActiveOngoing
NevadaState of Emergency12-Mar-20ActiveOngoing
New HampshireState of Emergency13-Mar-20Active1220-Nov-2011-Dec-20
New JerseyPublic Health Emergency9-Mar-20Active922-Nov-2022-Dec-20
New MexicoPublic Health Emergency11-Mar-20Active1011-Nov-2011-Dec-20
New YorkDisaster Emergency7-Mar-20Active42-Dec-20201-Jan-20
North CarolinaState of Emergency10-Mar-20ActiveOngoing
North DakotaState of Emergency13-Mar-20ActiveOngoing
Northern Mariana IslandsState of Public Health Emergency17-Mar-20Active1012-Nov-2012-Dec-20
OhioState of Emergency9-Mar-20ActiveOngoing
OklahomaState of Emergency15-Mar-20Active1016-Nov-2016-Dec-20
OregonState of Emergency8-Mar-20Active427-Oct-202-Jan-20
PennsylvaniaDisaster Emergency6-Mar-20Active324-Nov-2022-Feb-21
Puerto RicoState of Emergency12-Mar-20ActiveOngoing
Rhode IslandDisaster Emergency9-Mar-20Active92-Dec-2031-Dec-20
South CarolinaState of Emergency13-Mar-20Active1723-Nov-208-Dec-20
South DakotaState of Emergency13-Mar-20Active326-May-2030-Dec-20
TennesseeState of Emergency12-Mar-20Active530-Oct-2029-Dec-20
TexasState of Disaster13-Mar-20Active86-Nov-206-Dec-20
U.S. Virgin IslandsState of Emergency13-Mar-20Active64-Aug-208-Dec-20
UtahState of Emergency6-Mar-20Active614-Oct-20
(DOH Public Health Emergency Order)
State of Emergency (as extended by legislature) to expire 10/20/2020; DOH public health emergency order is ongoing
VermontState of Emergency13-Mar-20Active813-Nov-2015-Dec-20
VirginiaState of Emergency12-Mar-20Active126-May-20Ongoing
WashingtonState of Emergency29-Feb-20ActiveOngoing
West VirginiaState of Preparedness16-Mar-20ActiveOngoing
WisconsinPublic Health Emergency12-Mar-20Active420-Nov-20initial order 5/11/2020;
current order 1/20/2021
WyomingState of Emergency13-Mar-20ActiveOngoing

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