Dominions 4: Thrones Of Ascension

  • I really think dominions 4 is already DRM-free, so I see no reason for them to not want it here. Btw, @Rodor, Desura is the official site for Illwinter's games, so no wonder why they sell them.
  • Dominions 4 excites the storyteller in me. There are sagas to share and they’re not the sort in which a fisherman becomes a king or a lord protects his homestead from a great slavering beastie. Dominions doesn’t care for trifles and the fish it fries are blasphemous monstrosities that live somewhere in or about the R'lyeh region.

You are a God! You are master and ruler of a loyal nation. You have unimaginable powers at your disposal. You have claimed this world as yours. But there are others who stand in your way. You must defeat and destroy these pretenders. Only then can you ascend to godhood and become the new Pantokrator.

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Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension. You are master and ruler of a loyal nation. You have unimaginable powers at your disposal. Maccasio overlord download. You have claimed this world as yours. But there are others who stand in your way. You must defeat and destroy these pretenders. Only then can you ascend to godhood and become the new Pantokrator.

In Dominions you take control of a powerful being that rules a nation and aspires to godhood. The type of Pretender Gods can vary from magically powerful arch mages to huge titans or large monuments. The pretender gods have different strengths dependent on what kind of god you choose and what nation you play.
When you start the game you decide what kind of god you are and how yourDominion affects your lands and followers. It is an expression of your divine might and the faith of your followers. If your dominion dies, so do you. Your dominion also inspires your sacred warriors and gives them powers derived from your dominion.
In order to win and become the one true god you have to defeat your enemies one of three different ways: conquer their lands, extinguish their dominion or claim the Thrones of Ascension.
In Dominions 4 you can also play team games where one of the players take the role of supreme god, and the other members of the team are his servants and loyal subjects. The lesser gods rule their nations, but you all share the dominion of the supreme god.
Dominions is set in a fantasy world that draws inspiration from historical nations, cultures and myths. You will not encounter the elves of conventional fantasy in this game. Instead you might lead a nation of vanir from old norse myth. Aztecs, romans, israelites, greeks, shona and kievian rus are just a few of the inspirational sources of the game.
The first Dominions game was released in 2002 and was well received bystrategy gamers. Since then Dominions has been much refined andDominions series is still actively played making it one of the longest running4x turn based strategy games.
Dominions 4 is also a highly moddable game. You can create your own monsters, spells and entire nations. Since Dominions 3 there has been a vivid modding community and Dominions 4 will enhance this capability even further.



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Buying and Forum

Dominions 4 can be bought from Steam.
There is a forum on steam, please use that if you have questions or if you have bugs to report. There is also a FAQ for technical problems.

Feature List

  • Many monsters (2000+) and many many special abilities.
  • About 75 different nations to choose from, varying from Marignon with paladins, witch hunters and inquisitors to under water nations like the Lovecraft inspired R'lyeh.
  • Three Eras to play in, Early era is most magic and the late era is more technologically advanced with good steel weapons and armors.
  • Design your pretender god and how his dominion influences provinces and his sacred units.
  • Multiplayer with simultaneous turns (up to 28 players).
  • Teamplay with one Pretender player and a bunch of Disciple players per team.
  • Network or Play by E-Mail for multiplayer.
  • AI opponents for single- or multiplayer game.
  • Random maps with cave, mountain passes and rivers (rivers can only be passed when frozen).
  • An extensive magic system with over 800 spells.
  • Blood magic, power your rituals with human sacrifices.
  • Global rituals that affect the entire world.
  • More than 300 magic items.
  • Unique magic artifacts that all players compete for, once forged no one else can make it.
  • Mercenaries are bought on a global market.
  • Scouts, Assassins, Spies, Seducers, Corruptors, Werewolves, Illusionists and more can be sneaking in your provinces.
  • Claim the thrones of Ascension to gain special powers and eventually win the game.
  • Permanent battle afflictions.
  • Easy to Mod (2d graphics)
  • Playable on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.
If you have already played a previous Dominions game you are probably more interested in this list of important changes.


The main manual contains the tutorial, explains how the game works and also has lists of recruitable units, spells and magic items. There are also two separate manuals for those who want to create their own maps or mods, you won't need them if you are new to Dominions.
Main Manual (4.24c)
Modding Manual (4.21)
Event Modding Manual (4.14)
Mapmaking Manual (4.06)
Quick Reference Guide (list of keyboard shortcuts)
Command line switches (for script creators)
If you want a printed manual which is highly recommended, then you can order one here for the black & white print or here for the full color manual. The printed manual is about 450 pages and comes with a good index and a nice shiny cover. The black & white manual costs $8.41 and the fancy color manual costs $26.32.


The game is updated frequently and you get the new updates by using the Steam client, or by redownloading the game from where you bought it. Read the version history to find out what has changed. You can also check out the progress page to see what is happening to the development version (updated daily).

System Requirements

Dominion 4 Cheats

The game can be played on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX and does not require a very new computer. A 5 year old computer should be able to run this game just fine. About 500 MB hard drive space is needed and your computer needs at least 1 GB ram.
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10.
32 and 64 bit builds of Dominions 4 are provided as well as an armv6l version.
LibSDL1.2 and an OpenGL capable graphics card required
Any distro should work, new or old.
Mac OSX:

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OSX 10.3 or later
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Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension
SeriesDominions [Wikidata]
Microsoft Windows
ReleaseOctober 10, 2013

Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension is a fantasyturn-based strategy game created and published by Illwinter in 2013. It is the fourth game in the Dominions series, preceded by Dominions: Priests, Prophets and Pretenders, Dominions II: The Ascension Wars and Dominions III: The Awakening and succeeded by Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith released in 2017. Dominions 4 was initially released in Desura and later at GamersGate. Dominions 4 went through the Greenlight process and was released on Steam in September 2013, which became the most popular platform for looking for multiplayer games and discussions after Desura shut down. Some active communities can also be found on Discord and 4chan.

The game, like its predecessor, combines a simple presentation with an extremely wide array of strategic options, including over 75 nations, 2000 units, 600 spells and 300 magic items.[1] Turns are resolved simultaneously, with players planning battles rather than directly controlling them.

The game includes scenarios and randomized play, but does not include a campaign. Dominions 4 is mainly designed for multiplayer, including PBEM, hotseat and TCP/IP. AI opponents are available for single-player. The game is very suitable for roleplay, both in singleplayer and multiplayer.

Compared to the previous game several additions and changes have been made, the most prominent being the addition of the epynomouns Thrones of Ascension which is a new game mode where victory is achieved by capturing Thrones of Ascension. Furthermore, a new team-based mode has been added. Other changes and additions include several new playable nations, changes to some of the sprites, maps and interface, several balance changes, new units, spells and items, improved AI, random events, an improved map generator, as well as increased moddability.


Dominions 4 is a turn-based strategy game in which nations and armies are pawns in the service of pretenders, avatars on the verge of godhood, who clash with one another as they strive to be the last deity standing and become the all-powerful Pantokrator.[2]


There are hundreds of different units to recruit within the game, including archers, infantry, cavalry and mages. Troops can be recruited in all provinces and which types are often influenced by the terrain. For example, woodsmen and druids can be found in forest provinces, while aquatic fish-men can be found on coasts. In order to recruit nation-specific troops, the player has to construct a fortress in most cases, some units are restricted to the player capital province and powerful commanders and units take two turns to recruit. Mages require a laboratory to recruit, whilst priests need a temple.

The battle results are calculated by the computer and can be viewed by the players at the beginning of the next turn, like a film, or the battle may be instantly calculated and a summary displayed to the player bearing the relevant numbers. The battles cannot be influenced once the calculations begin for the new turn, but players can set simple orders for their troops before the battle is calculated, assign formations to different squads, influence the units starting positions in the battlefield, allowing for very diverse tactics.[3]


There are eight paths of magic in the game; fire, water, air, earth, astral, death, nature and blood. Mages in Dominions 4 have one or more paths, with nations having distinct mages and therefore a different magical emphasis. Many spells or items require two paths to cast or forge, respectively, but none require more than two.


The nations in the game are based upon world history and mythology, rather than standard high fantasy races such as elves and orcs. Amongst others, the mythologies of ancient Greece (Arcoscephale), the Roman Republic (Ermor), Byzantium (Pythium), Sarmatians (Sauromatia), Egypt (C'tis), Medieval France & Spain (Marignon), Medieval England (Man), Ireland (Fomoria, Eriu, Tir na n'Og), Scandinavia (Vanheim, Helheim, Jotunheim, Midgard, Utgard, Nieflheim), Germany (Ulm), China (Tien Chi), Zimbabwe (Machaka), Japan (Jomon), Aztecs (Mictlan), Rus' (Bogarus), and India (Kailasa, Lanka, Bandar Log, Patala) are represented. Other nations are based on the work of recent writers, particularly H. P. Lovecraft (R'lyeh and Atlantis), or Abysia, that looks loosely based on Yezidi faith, as it contains Melek Taus in its list of random general names and is mostly associated with holy flames, beings of flame, fire worship and magma, or Hinnom, which is based on Semitic mythology, featuring Nephilim. Some of the new nations included in Dominions 4 are Nazca, a nations of bird humanoids and mummies based on the Nazca civilization mixed with other cultures from ancient Peru, Ur, a nation of beastlike humanoids based on the civilization of Uruk and the Epic of Gilgamesh, Ys, a sunken city inspired by the eponymous Breton myth and led by Morgen, among others.[citation needed]


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