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Deathmatch Classic

Developer: Valve
Publisher: Valve
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: June 11, 2000

This game has unused graphics.
This game has unused models.
This game has unused items.
This game has unused sounds.
This game has unused text.
This game has revisional differences.

Deathmatch Classic is Quake deathmatch with a dash of Half-Life thrown in.

  • 7Unused Text
  • 8Revisional Differences

Unused HUD Item Images

HUD images for the Pentagram of Protection, Invisibility and Quad Damage powerups are in the game's files, but are never used in-game.

  • Pentagram of Protection HUD image.

  • Invisibility HUD image.

  • Quad Damage HUD image

Large Battery

An unused model for a large battery for the Lightning Gun, which holds 12 cells as opposed to normal battery's 6. Large batteries in-game use the same model as regular batteries.

Shotgun Shell

A model for a spent shotgun shell is in the game's files, but the game never uses it when a shotgun is firing.

Half-Life Sprites

All of Half-Life's sprites are in the game's files, and most of them are unused.


The Biosuit from Quake can be found in the level editor and placed in custom levels, but is never used in any of the official levels. It uses the Half-Life HEV Suit model, but has its own unique sounds. Darkest dungeon shieldbreaker nightmare.

  • Biosuit sound

  • Biosuit expiring sound

Monster Yell

A strange-sounding monster yell named 'sight1' exists in the game's files. There are no monsters in DMC.

Unused Text

Some unused text can be found in the 'titles.txt' file.



It looks like there was supposed to be a team-based mode in DMC at one time.


Secret Area Text

This message appears in Quake if you find a secret area. There are no marked secret areas in DMC, so this never appears.

Bonus Powers

Text about 'bonus powers'. There is no way to get a 'bonus power' in the game.


10 Health

Unused text about getting 10 health points. No items give you just 10 health points in the game.

Revisional Differences

Menu and Console Differences

The menu and console were changed to be like the Steam version of Half-Life when it was ported to Steam. For the main menu, the main graphic was changed to an image of a guy in an HEV Suit holding a double barrel shotgun with a sci-fi like background behind him and the removal of the Quake-like font used for menu options. In addition, the console window was given an update, much like the other GoldSrc WON-to-Steam revisions.

Pre-Steam version
Steam version
Pre-Steam version
Steam version
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Release date: June 1, 2001

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Engine:Source engine

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