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Crying Suns is a tactical rogue-lite that puts you in the role of a space fleet commander as you explore a mysteriously fallen empire. In this story rich experience inspired by Dune and Foundation, each successful run will uncover the truth about the Empire. And yourself as well. Main Features - Space exploration in a procedurally-generated. Crying Suns is still an excellent tactical rogue-like, elevated by the fact that you have so much more control in battle encounters and are presented a range of meaningful choices in how to spec your ship. The art style is wonderful, and the world a genuine pleasure to explore, provided you don’t get held up in the same section for too long. CRYING SUNS is a rogue-lite and tactical game where you explore a dying galaxy as a space fleet commander. As a deep story-rich game experience, each successful run will uncover a part of the underlying truth about the fall of the galactic Empire. Crying Suns isn’t just an FTL-esque journey through the stars however. It comes complete with an exceptionally well realised tactical combat system which involves squadrons, battleship mounted weapons and a tonne of obstacles in the way of your quest to find out how the Empire fell.

Sep 24, 2019

This guide is meant for semi-experienced players on what they should be thinking and doing to make the most of their runs. The final goal is to get the most resources that is more than enough for the final boss without too many problems.

Planning Ahead To Survive and Win

Officer Skills
When the game starts, you will have two starting officers. You should be picking one of each category (Solder, Spy, Scientist), instead of two of the same one. There is a total of nine (9) total officer skills and you will get more bonuses when having them all. If possible, pick officers who have an extra skill because each planet expedition is very dependent on who you use.
During a planet expedition, a special officer of 3+ skills will give you double or triple rewards with less casualties than a normal officer of only 2. Also, special officers have two more health points than a normal one. If lucky enough, they can be found in Cryopods (needs the perfect match of two random officer skills for a chance to get it) or in trading posts (costs 150 scrap). Each planet expedition will randomly favor one of the three officer specialties.
For battle abilities, the most important ones are faster weapon reload, more squadron DPS. hull shielding and repair. They are useful later on in the chapter for boss fights but are not important early on when picking the right officers.
Note: Having one or more special officers will greatly improve your chances to win!
Picking the Best Route
At the start of each sector, you will be given multiple paths to the exit (boss). Study the map to take the longest route that has the most shops, planet expeditions, and other points of interest. It is shown with a number in the diamond symbol.
The shops are very important for buying fuel but also a chance to buy rare or special commodities like officer, weapon or squadron. As a rule of thumb, try to have at least 9-10 N Fuel (buy out the fuel) to explore multiple systems with 4+ events and give out fuel during special events. Fuel Scavenging is random but can be useful if lucky. Also, planet expeditions with special officers can have a chance to find 3+ Fuel.Crying suns wiki
Before sending your squadrons, study the battlefield (asteroids give free protection) and what the enemy will send at you. This will allow you to pick the right counters (e.g. Fighters easily defeating drones) and deal with the enemy ship without taking too much damage. You need to play defense first and deal with their squadrons before attacking them.
When you reach the final sector, battles will get much harder when fighting against more squadrons and more powerful weapons. You will have battles where you lose all squadrons and have nothing to attack or defend with for couple seconds. I recommend equipping one of the weapon slots with a Tesla to be used as anti-squadron in the adjacent tiles next to your ship.
In most battles, you should be attacking the enemy's squadron tile to delay their spawns by overheating their system. If they have a hull-damaging weapon, you can alternate with targeting their weapons tile. The timing is very important with how you attack and disable the enemy ship. Once their current compartment is removed, all squadrons next to the enemy ship will be stunned. This will be the best time for your main weapons to fire and overheat their systems.
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Officers (in some points of game they're called specialists) are a type of unit in Crying Suns.

At the beginning of each Chapter, you will be choose 5 Officers (in Normal difficulty), but you can only pick up 2 of them.

Borderlands 2 assassin tree. Additional Officers can be found in ejected lifepods, during a planetary expedition, after a space battle or can be bought at the Mercenary outposts along the game.

A standard Officer has (from top to bottom as showed in Officer's detail panel, see the image below): 6 HP, an ability (and which system to apply to) & 2 Skills.

Officers with the VERSATILE ability (Skill count: +1; Officer life: -2) can have up to 3 Skills at the cost of 2 HP (which means he/she has only 4 HP left).

Special Officers have up to 8 HP, an ability, 3 skills and are unlocked in the beginning of each Chapter when he/she can be found accidentally or purchased at the Mercenary outposts.

An example of a Scientist, Spy and Soldier regular officers to be picked at the beginning of each Chapter.
A special officer (marked with upper red rectangle) and his DNA's data (marked with lower red rectangle) was saved in Special Officer DNA Database at the beginning of each chapter.
  • 2Abilities

Health[editedit source]

Officers may lose health during battles or expeditions. Once an officer reaches 0 health, they become injured.

Abilities[editedit source]

Officers have a variety of abilities that can only be applied when he/she is deployed in a certain system during ship-to-ship combat.

All Officers[editedit source]

Repairs 1 critical effect every 20 seconds on the system.
Criticals are repaired from oldest to newest.

Hull[editedit source]

Hull repair: 0.5 points per second
Add 1 absorb shield every 15s to the first unshielded system in this order: Hull, Squadron, Weapon
Heal all squadrons adjacent to the Hull integrity system cell for +0.5 health points per second
Deals 2 DPS (Damage Per Second) to enemies adjacent to your battleship system cells

Squadrons[editedit source]

Increases Squadrons' deploy zone
  • TACTICAL TARGETING (Note this does not affect the damage of squadron abilities like Artillery)
Increases all Squadrons DPS (Damage Per Second) by 15%
Squadrons' speed: +15%
Cooldown (30s): if fully charged, spawns 1 Krafted Drone (same MK with 20 health points) on any non-Krafted squadron death (note Krafted Drone will not have exploding on death effect)
Patched squadron DPS +35% VS Non-patched squadron

Weapons[editedit source]

Heat sustained by systems from battleship weapons: x1.5
Duration of effects created by weapons: +50% (Sub Zero Gun, Dark Matter Cannon, Tesla Field)
Weapons reload time: -15%

Other[editedit source]

  • FAMOUS Will sell for 50% greater than normal heroes
No combat ability other than repairing

Crying Suns Ending

No combat ability other than repairing

Skills[editedit source]

PersuasionSharp SensesDiscretion

Officers belong to one of three specializations: Soldier, Spy or Scientist (noted next to the officer's character portrait). Each group has three skills, but an officer will only have two, generated randomly. Special officers have two skills from their field of expertise and one skill from a different specialization.

Skills come into play in two ways:

  • During events, where having an officer with a relevant skill unlocks an extra dialogue option - usually one that's superior to its alternatives
  • During expeditions, where certain skills are needed to avoid dangers (and therefore commando losses) and extract scrap and other valuable assets

Having several officers with the same skill does not improve its performance in any way, so captains are advised to pick officers with different specializations to cover the most bases. This is especially relevant at the beginning of a journey, since two officers cannot possibly cover all 9 skills.

Crying Suns Endings

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