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Bender would really love this game. Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is a third person sword (and sometimes you use a bow and arrow) fighting game set in a Colosseum, where you control humans who’s mind have been downloaded into a robot gladiator, fighting to survival against other robot fighters as you provide entertainment for the robot audience.

Clone Drone In The Danger Zone Download

Enjoy the game’s great looking voxel art style, as you dismember your enemies (or get dismembered yourself) in one swoop or little by little for the big ones to then deliver the final strike. Your movement, position and time of attack as well as being aware of your surroundings and utilizing it to your advantage is crucial to achieve victory.

The game is extremely enjoyable to play with high levels of replay value, requiring on the spot strategic thinking as well as knowing what upgrades you’ll be needing as you go from one battle to another. There’s also a running commentary of your performance provided by ‘Commentatron’ and ‘Analysis-Bot’ which’s adds even more entertainment in your play-session.

Well, then you might like Clone Drone In The Danger Zone. This game is rather similar to a release this year called Spartan Fist in which players would also fight in an arena, power up their combatant and use a variety of platforms, environmental effects and combination attacks to survive through each battle. Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Savegame Download SavegameDownload.com Download Link Page Start downloading with one of the following download links. Back To Post: Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Savegame Download. Clone Drone in the Danger Zone. Subscribe to download Legend of the clone drone ep1 (Read description) Subscribe. This is a story driven challenge whereas you learn of an ancient robot folktale of a human with the ability to transfer their mind to other robots who will defeat the emperor one day. Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is a third person sword fighter where any part of your body can be sliced off. With your mind downloaded into a robot gladiator, in Clone Drone in the Danger Zone you must survive the sinister trials of the arena. Clone drone start the game first of all: Tap the screen clone drone make Robin move,jump in danger and avoid barriers during his w adventurous journey clone drone find the hiding secret doors clone drone collect zone coins danger, money, diamonds, treasures danger And save the World. Features of Super in the danger zone adventure: + Intense, addicting and a fast game zone experience danger.

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It’s already fantastic in its current state, and so we’re very excited to see where the game goes, what features will be added, what improvements will be made and how much more fun we’ll get! (Note: Those cool slow-motion effects are part of the gameplay) Mirror cosplay album.

Get alpha access with the full game here.

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In the future, when intelligent robots become just as common as laptops and smartphones, there will quite different entertainments. And it’ll be no surprise if bot fights aired live on the TV will be extremely popular among people (and robots alike) in the twenty somethingth century. The amazing fighting game called Clone Drone in the Danger Zone will carry you several hundred years forward and set you up to combat hordes of metal killers in some sort of techno-driven Coliseum. The whole thing gets even more thrilling when you realize that you character is actually a human in a robot body and winning the championship is your only way back to freedom!

Fight, win and upgrade


Each fight is a series of rounds with classic waves of enemies growing stronger after each successful outcome. Between the attacks, you can repair your bot and upgrade it for better efficiency. There are several basic characteristics that you can improve, including power and speed of attack, armor defense and so on. With all that, you’ll be able to deliver more damage, run and jump higher and withstand attacks that would have killed you before. There are also three types of weapons to wield, including a sword, a bow and a hammer. The sword is less powerful than the hammer, but lighter, so you’ll have more agility. However, if you want to strike down your opponents with one apt hit, you’d better choose a hammer instead. For fans of long-range combats, there is an upgradeable bow with various kinds of modes. Note that you also need to keep expanding your battery – it’s very frustrating to run out of it in the middle of the combat.

Clone drone in the danger zone download torrent

Enemies are divided into four categories – three according to the types of weapons they use plus spider bots. The latter are the most complicated, but after you get used to the gameplay and learn each of your opponent’s weak spots, you’ll come up with the right tactics to defeat them too. You’ll also learn to differentiate between the types of rivals that enter the arena – they are all of different color. So a quick look at your opponent will be enough to decide how to deal with them even before they make their move.

Tensions mounts up!

The fights run on a series of arenas that grow trickier in structure and more dangerous with every new level. Some of them are basically a set of platforms between which you have to jump and if you make a false step, you can fall right down and your battle will be over. You will encounter all sorts of obstacles, from circular saws buzzing threateningly just an inch away from your metal carcass to shooting towers that will cover you with a rain of bullets or burn you with a spurt of fire if you come close. This is both challenging and tactically convenient, because you can lure your rivals into traps (of course, if you are nimble enough to avoid them yourself).

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The whole process looks very fascinating and spectacular, with limbs being cut off and heads chopped from metal shoulders. After the combat, you can see dozens of spare parts lying here and there all over the battlefield. Everything that’s happening is commented by funny referee bots that eloquently describe your actions and express how sorry they are that the human again survived. You are going to have a lot of hilarious moments listening to them. But don’t let that distract you from the fight, the level of action is highly intense! Play Clone Drone in the Danger Zone online and see if you can beat all other robots in the arena!