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I would like to summarize how to find free DAZ figures.

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  1. DAZ Freebie

How to Download DAZ STUDIO

To play with the latest DAZ figures, you need to install DAZ STUDIO. You need to register.

>Daz 3D Registration page

DAZ STUDIO is Poser compatible posing software. It has a function to dress a girl figure, a function to pose, and a function to generate an image.

Only DAZ STUDIO can play the latest DAZ figures such as Victoria 8. DAZ STUDIO is free.

You can download the latest version of DAZ STUDIO from the link below.

>DAZ Studio Download page


Free figure with DAZ STUDIO

When you install DAZ STUDIO, you get a free figure called “Genesis8”. Underwear and hair are also included with Genesis 8. You can play at least.

Select “Genesis 8 Starter Essentials” from DAZ Studio’s Smart Content.

Genesis 8 Basic Female (female figure) and Genesis 8 Basic Male (male figure) of “Figures”.

DAZ Freebie

It is a corner where free items are replaced every month. Occasionally, in a very short period of time, the main product may be free.

Clarus Victoria Bundle Download Free Windows 10

You can get freebies at Top page > SHOP > DAZ FREEBEE.

Usually, there are many subtleties in this corner, such as only the replacement texture for the product version. But sometimes figure bundles are free, so you can’t speak.

I want to check every time I open the official page of DAZ.

How to get freebies at DAZ


Click ADD TO CART on the product page.


Squaxel. Squaxel is a sandbox game in which you will be able to visit multiple flying islands. You can build on them, destroy them and talk to the people on them. You also have your own island to experiment!

If you want to get a lot of items at once, return to the product page with “CONTINUE SHOPPING” and keep it in your cart.

Note that “getting a free item” is an operation of “buy for $ 0”.

Are you said to be “settlement” and are you paid for it? Let’s proceed with the operation.

You can open the CHECKOUT screen at any time by clicking the cart mark on the top right of the DAZ page.

Make sure Grand Total is $ 0.


Important point. Make sure that Grand Total is $ 0.00.

If this is $ 0.00, you won’t get any money.

Clarus victoria bundle download free trial

PROCEED TO CHECKOUT means “proceed with checkout”.



Download & install. Click to start installation semi-automatically.

The DAZ installation manager starts.

Check the □ of the installation item (but maybe from the beginning).

Check Install After Download.

Click Start Queue.

Download & installation is executed.

Installation is completed when the name of the item you get appears on the Installed tab.

HEXAGON modeling tool

A modeling tool can also be downloaded for free.

Cooperation with DAZ STUDIO is quite powerful.

By using this tool, you can also create figure morphs.

It ’s a bit tricky, but it ’s a bit bitter when you need to remember this from scratch.

It has not been updated for a long time.

I’m interested in modeling, but I think it’s a good idea to remember when you can use it for free.

>Hexagon Beta

How to find free figures from all DAZ items

I don’t have time to search for free items scattered around! I want you to try it.

Top Page> Sort By is set to Price Low-High at SHOP

Then, products are arranged in ascending order. In other words, free items will be displayed.


>A page that lists all DAZ items in ascending order

Free free. It may depend on the time, but how is it? There are so many free items.

Some $ 50 items are free. Old generation figures may be free with clothes and hair as a set.

I want to check it often.

Get free clothes and free items at Renderosity

Renderosity is a must-have for free materials.

Originally a marketplace that sells items made by ordinary people as a hobby, you can also get a lot of free materials.

And eh! ? This is really! Is it free! ?

Sometimes an amazing quality item can be found.

For example, this. Lots of clothes to put on the figure you got for free.

ストリートファイター、キャミィのバトルスーツがRenderosityのフリースタッフとして公開されている。Cannon Spiker Mark 2 for G8F - 100% FREEフィギュア↓髪 ↓さらに、ボディモーフセットを使って、
すっごいよく出来た戦闘服がフリーアイテムになっている。髪と服一式のセット。The Major for G8F - 100% FREE久しぶりに、超絶本気で作られたフリーアイテムを見た。製作者さんに感謝。このアイテムの製作者、squarepe
レンダロシティで、ミニスカミリタリー服が無料で公開されている。Military Uniform for Genesis 8 Female'sこのデザインの元ネタは?素晴らしいデザイン。何か元ネタがあるのだと思うが、探しきれなかった

Clarus Victoria Bundle Download Free Trial


Clarus Victoria Bundle Download Free Pc

The following page also introduces how to install Renderosity free items.


Get free figures with ShareCG

Another site I want you to know is ShareCG.


You may find high quality free items here.

Such a beautiful girl figure.

Beautiful hair.

Beautiful Japanese style sailor suit.

In addition, there are idol clothes, school swimsuits, gym clothes, and a little bit of erotic, so thank the author Redviper2012 from the bottom of my heart and play with it.

>ShareCG – redviper2012’s Gallery

In order to play with this beautiful girl figure, you need a paid figure called Victoria4 or Aiko4.

It’s expensive to buy at a fixed price, but it’s a good idea to get it at a sale because it’s sometimes out in the free items corner or sold for a few dollars.