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Paradox Interactive has introduced a new DLC pack into Cities: Skylines, as you can now download the Modern City Center set. The set basically add 39 unique models from modder Jason 'AmiPolizeiFunk' Ditmars, which feature new modern commercial wall-to-wall buildings. While the radio addition gives you 16 original songs from DJ Troy Anderson, which are 'centered around a modern lounge music theme and a retro vibe'. You can currently get both on Steam, the Microsoft Store, and on the PlayStation Store. Here's a little more info about what's in each one.

Absolute drift download free. Includes 4 items: Cities: Skylines - Campus, Cities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack: University City, Cities: Skylines - Deep Focus Radio, Cities: Skylines - Campus Radio Bundle info -23%.

Cities Skylines Modern City


Modern City Center, the newest content creator pack for Cities: Skylines from modder Jason 'AmiPolizeiFunk' Ditmars, adds 39 unique models featuring new wall-to-wall buildings. This is the first pack to include semi-transparent glass barriers and awnings, allowing both modders and veteran builders alike to create amazing new cities.

  • CCP University City - give your city that real university town look and feel with a selection of new buildings designed by Michael KingLeno Warren. EXPANSIONS CONTENT CREATOR PACKS.
  • Content Creator Pack: University City (May 2019) Cities: Skylines – University City DLC Content Pack. Release Date: May 21, 2019. Buy from Paradox, Steam or HumbleBundle for 4.99€ University City offers a beautiful selection of low-density buildings, designed by Michael “KingLeno” Warren, to give a true “campus” feel to the Campus.
  • Cities: Skylines. All Discussions. Subscribe to download Building Theme: University City Districts. I have the Content Creator Pack.


Kick back and relax to the smoothest tunes in town on Downtown Radio, your one-stop-shop for modern lounge music in Cities: Skylines. This channel features 16 original songs with a retro twist, created especially for all the late-night city builders out there. Chill out with DJ Troy Anderson as he takes you through nearly an hour of relaxing tracks in this essential pack.


Cities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack: University City Download Mediafire

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