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AER - Memories of Old. Overview System Requirements Reviews. Interesting character and world design. Plus atmospheric music to match the look and feel of each area. Exploration is key to understanding the context of the world, do yourself a favor and be thorough. The ending, though shorter than expected, was.

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Dominions 5 - warriors of the faith download. AER Memories of Old is an open world exploration adventure game with focus on narrative and atmosphere. You play as a shapeshifter called Auk who has the ability to turn into a bird, and you explore the world to save it from destruction. It was developed by Forgotten Key, a studio I co-founded, and released in 2017. I was solely responsible for conceptulization and production of Audio and Music for the entire project.The game can be found (among other places) here.


This video demonstrates some of the cutscenes (and gameplay before and after) in the game. I have been responsible for creating, editing, mixing and mastering everything in these clips.


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This video demonstrates some gameplay situation in Aer:Memories of Old, I have been responsible for creating, editing, mixing and mastering everything in these clips. To a certain extent I have also helped implement them into Unity Editor via an audio plugin called Master Audio.


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A trailer made to show for Gamescom 2015. I was responsible for writing/creating, editing, mixing all music and sfx in the trailer.